2016 and the new Challenges!

Well, I have to be honest.  I was so focused and had gotten used to running anywhere and everywhere last year that when I hit the 30th race, I was faced with the question…”What will I do now?”  The reply that followed in my head…”Get back out there because people still need you!”

That’s right…I’ve teamed up with Mobile Meals of Toledo again for 2016!  While I won’t be doing 30 races, I will be doing some very special runs and a few are what I’d like to call “Bucket List” runs!  The first on my must do races will be in Asheville North Carolina!  Karla and I will be traveling to The Biltmore and running on the absolutely beautiful grounds of this still private home!  If you’ve never been there…it’s a must see!  This will be the very first Half Marathon on the grounds!!  They’ve run Full Marathons there but never a Half.  Being a part of something so big and beautiful makes it extra special!  I will be wearing my New Colors!  The Blue Run Zombie Run shirts are done and I’ll be scooping them tomorrow!  White lettering on these awesome blue shirts and the Zombie will be Pink!  Anyone that’s been following knows that I have a special spot in my heart for the many Pink Warriors out there that have been fighting cancer or have lost the battle.  I feel it’s my place to honor them with the color and carry them along on each and every run!

The other thing I’ve decided to do was run 1,000 miles for 2016!  Just another challenge to keep my body going and my head in the game!  I’ll snatch a nice shirt when I reach the miles and some cool bling!  Always fun!

(It's true.)

(It’s true.)

The highlights this year…well…The Glass City Marathon and Half Marathon will be celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary!  I absolutely had to sign up for this one!  It’s my home town and the streets of Toledo call to me! So look out for this race on April 24, 2016!!

The race I’m the most excited about for 2016…Ragnar Chicago!!!  I’m teaming up with a group of runners from all different areas, working from two vans and running some 200 miles from Wisconsin farm country all the way to Chicago big city lights!!  It’s a non stop run and each runner hops in and out of the van based on a schedule and runs!  I have a 6 mile hop, then later on a 4 mile and finish with yet another 6 mile run!  I’m told it’s one of the greatest runs you’ll ever do so I’m totally stoked for this!  I’ll be spending time with amazing, friendly and super fun people during this time and look forward to strengthening our running bond!  Wow…just Wow!!  So ready!!

I’m part of a couple great groups of people (The Toledo Road Runners) as well as an Ambassador of (The RunJunKEes)!  Both are full of wonderful, supportive, hardworking people!  They help to keep me moving even when I may not feel like doing so.  I highly recommend jumping into a group like these for support and motivation!  Both of these groups are super with giving back and/or paying it forward!  Something very important to my soul.

I will be asking for help along the way to further help Mobile Meals of Toledo!  If you want to do a one time donation or per race or hell…even for my miles!  I’d be so grateful for any help and I know that Mobile Meals would love it as well.  They work hard to keep seniors in their home, remaining independent and eating healthy meals!  These people love the workers and volunteers that deliver to them.  For some it may be the only person that comes to see them during the day.  Donations can be made on my website at runzombierun.net.  All monies go directly to Mobile Meals…I receive absolutely nothing but the satisfaction of knowing that we’re making a difference and taking care of others!

I promise to get on and blog on a more regular basis again!  I took a little break to get my life back into order…lol!  Never seems to be enough time in a day!  I’ll keep pushing and racing to make the world a better place!  Send any positive mojo my direction for a healthy 2016!  Maybe a little extra for a P.R. at the Glass City!  Keep moving, walking, running, biking, whatever it takes…get it done!  I’ll see you on the road!


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