Driven to Finish!

During the beginning of the Fall race season, I decided to challenge myself.  I signed up for 5 half marathons in the span of 8 weeks.  The first was a local run here in Oregon, Ohio called The Weekend Warrior Half marathon.  This race was on my home turf and went straight through areas that I train in on a regular basis…it was a must for my list!

Next up, The Smoky Mountain Half marathon.  So many feelings tied to this race.  My Mother’s favorite place on this earth were the Smoky Mountains.  Her ashes were taken there after her passing.  I felt the need…a strong connection to do this race.  Under the watchful and loving gaze of my Mother.

Back North!  Frankenmuth Michigan had the Bruckelaufe!  (Bridge Race)  Frankenmuth is a gem in the state of Michigan and I love to travel there several times a year.  This race was in early October so the Fall colors were in full swing during the run.  Beautiful and peaceful run!

Down South y’all!  Bowing Green Kentucky was the location for the next Half marathon.  Home of the Corvette!  I have a soft spot in my heart for the Corvette.  I’m a lifetime member of the Corvette Museum and love the rolling hills!  This race was a serious challenge because of those rolling hills but made for an amazing adventure!

Back home to finish with a long running Half Marathon…The Churchill’s!  47th annual run and one of the oldest in the area.  The hill in the last 2 miles got the best of me last year and killed my time but I came ready this year!  Sub 2 hour run and never even slowed down on the hill!  It must have been all that hill running in Tennessee and Kentucky!

I learned a lot about myself during this stretch.  I’ve learned that my mind is much stronger than my body at times and I can run on will.  I found that I would’ve added a couple more half marathons in that time frame…which means there is room for improvement.

The challenge of doing 30 races in 12 months is going to be more about balance than anything.  Finding the time to be a good worker, a good husband, a good father and still be a runner.  I’m driven of nothing else.  Stubborn and hate to quit or fail.  I’ll see this challenge through to the Finish!


Finisher medals from 5 half marathons in 8 weeks.

Finisher medals from 5 half marathons in 8 weeks.

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