Closing in on Glass City

First off, sorry for taking so long to get going on my blog!  I’ve been super busy with several different projects and one thing in particular is very important to me.  More on that at a later date!  (I know…that’s kind of rotten to tease.)

mike-off-to-raceThere have been several races of late that I just wanted to share a little about.  Recently, Karla and I went to North Carolina to run The Asheville Half Marathon on the grounds of the Biltmore!  Can I just tell you that this race was everything they billed it to be!  The course was not only super challenging but absolutely beautiful!  Rolling hills (and I do mean hills!), both paved roads and gravel, spectacular views of the estate and the mountains…it had everything!

mike_ashville_blingKarla has had an injury that just now is starting to allow her to run on a more regular basis.  She took the place of my sister Patti in North Carolina and did very well!  She cussed at me for being too motivational at about mile 10 or so, but other than that…all went well!  I highly recommend putting this race on your “must do” list!  Well organized, great swag bag and some super sponsors!

mike_great_black_swampThis past weekend was the Great Black Swamp Festival of Races!  I decided to run the 15K this year as I may have been a little bored on the 25K last year…lol!  The 15K is a wonderful distance for me as it’s what I train as my long runs.  I felt great during the race and stayed at the pace I set out to run.  I’m on target for what I’d like to run for the Glass City Half Marathon on April 24th!  I’d like to better my time at Glass City this year and that means cutting below the 1:50 time.  It will be a challenge and I’m sure it will hurt a bit but I feel the need to do this.  It’s just for me…my own little mental game I like to play.

mike-coworkersThe Black Swamp brought out friends, family and co-workers!  Several of the ladies I work with decided to walk the 5K and did a wonderful job!  Very proud of all of them for committing to it and then getting it done!  Nice work and I hope to see all of you at another race or two this year!  My major supporter…Antie N was there!  She shows at almost every race we run here in the Toledo area.  She keeps me motivated and does regular donations to Mobile Meals!  She always has a great hug and a warm smile and that means the world to me!

The Black Swamp is special to me because they have the last mile (the memory mile) covered with signs of the names of so many people we runners/walkers have lost over the years.  It’s our way of remembering them and showing how special they were to our lives.  Both my parents names were on the mile and it’s always bitter sweet to see the signs.  This too should be a “must do” race!

As I said above…the Glass City Half Marathon is April 24th!  I’d so love to have people come out and support all the fine runners and walkers!  It’s the largest event in Toledo during the year for running and the more people that show, the more other runners will talk about the race and come from all over to run here!  Did I mention this is the 40th Anniversary of the Glass City Marathon??  Yup…just another reason to come out and support the event!  The other thing I’d like to see is a push in donations for Mobile Meals of Toledo!  If you’ve ever wanted to donate or if you’d like to help out again…please…before, during or after the Glass City would be so appreciated!  It shows how much we care for this organization that continues to do great things for those in need in “our” community!  You can just go on my web page and click on the donation button!  There’s a spot in there for any kind of message you’d like to leave as well.  If you want to donate in honor of someone or you want to just see me crush this Half Marathon…put it in there!  I do get to see a copy of your message via email and love some of the things people post. 🙂  All monies go directly to Mobile Meals of Toledo!  I get nothing more than the satisfaction of making a difference.  I want to do well for this race and I want to do even better for the organization that I’ve taken great pride in helping all of last year and again this year!

More races coming!  Before the Glass City I’m traveling back to Ann Arbor to run the Half Marathon there!  It starts right next to the “Big House”!  It’s a great course and last year caught me off guard.  I actually had to walk for a short section on a hill.  If you know me…you know that I absolutely hate walking on hills and demand more from myself!  So this year…I’m crushing that hill!!  Silly??  Maybe…but it’s who I am!

Stay tuned for more episodes!  I’ll get back on here after I handle the Ann Arbor Half Marathon and give you all a report.  Remember to help me with Mobile Meals of Toledo and also to get out there and move!  The body was meant to be in motion…not on a couch or in a chair!  Thanks again for all the support and I’ll see you on the Road!


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