Wrap up of the 30 and a New Awakening

P1020771Well we made it!  All 30 races are in the books!  What a ride it has been!  I set all new records for myself during the last few half marathons and had the time of my life getting there!

So many people that have helped me through this and stood by my side.  So many of you have followed, cheered and even been inspired!  I can’t thank you enough.  The donations to a wonderful group (Mobile Meals of Toledo) have been just WOW!!  When I took this challenge on, I never thought that it would touch so many and make such a difference.  Truly humbling.

The Run Zombie Run Virtual 5K (Revenge of the Silva) was a blast to get together and it never would have happened if…Tom Silva would not have made such a big deal about my first race…lmao!!  Thanks Tom!  He’s the reason for the Revenge of the Silva part of the race name.  Most importantly though…Mathews Ford of Oregon stepped up and paid for all of the shirts that were sent out to your wonderful people!!  That’s no small nut!  They covered the cost of the shirts and printing and were happy to do so!  Please take a moment to thank them!  Whether it be by phone, email, or even stop in and say thanks!  Do some business with them if you’re in need!  Great people there!

The artwork for the shirt was donated by an amazing artist (Sailor Woody…Robert).  He’s located at Infinite Art Tattoo Studio here in the Toledo area.  “Real Good Tattoos”  Those are his words…lol!  Great guy!  See you soon Woody!

Jupmode!  The place to go to get shirts done!  They’ve handled all of my race shirts through the entire year and also printed up the 5K Zombie shirts!  They’re on the web, Facebook, Instagram…you name it!  Do some business with them!

My family, friends, co-workers…what can I say…you’ve seen me through everything!  Being tired, sore, battle scarred, pretty much everything!  Nothing but positive things came from all of you…and I thank you for that!  It means the world to me to know that I’m loved and supported.

So where do we go from here?!  That was the first thing that popped into my head when I made it across the finish line of the 30th race!  Forward for sure!  I have plans to do bucket list type races in 2016!  Some destination runs, some of my favorite local runs and one big relay race with 11 of the craziest runners ever!!  I’ve committed to Mobile Meals of Toledo for 2016!  They still need help from the Zombie and I’m down with that!  I’m already thinking of what color the race shirt will be for this next year and what other crazy things I can get into!

I’ll be putting a challenge out there for everyone in 2016.  I’m going to get my gym mojo back along with my running.  I want to PR for a Half Marathon and have my sites set on 1:45 for a time!  That would be a huge step and I think with some strength training and good luck, it can be done.  I’m planning on running the Glass City Half Marathon in April!  This will be the 40th Anniversary for this event so it’s a must do!  I’d love to see my fellow Zombies get involved with this in some fashion.  They offer a 5K as well so don’t be shy!  If you don’t have an interest in that, come out and offer to volunteer!  They can always use people to work on the route, help keep things organized or even clean up after the event.  So lets make that part of the 2016 challenge.  I also want everyone to remember what I always say…we only get one go around, so make it count!  Look at 2016 as a new beginning!  Ask yourself what you want out of life and how you can make things better.  Take the time for your health!  Get out and move!  Join a gym, eat better, walk more, run if you can but do something!  The human body was meant to be in motion and it’s just begging you to move…so let’s go!  Let’s run into the new year with bright eyes and a new awakening!  Stay with me on this!  Stay with me and I promise you there will be improvements!  I’ll keep my Run Zombie Run Website going, my Facebook page and this…30races.com.  Stay tuned and I’ll see you…on the Road!”  ~Zombie~

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