The Journey is the destination

This is a common theme in my life and I like to share it often.  “The Journey is the destination.”  Stop for a moment and really take that in.  I think sometimes we’re in such a hurry to finish, we forget to just be, to live in the moment.

I was thinking tonight after returning home from work about 30 years of running.  The minute I said it, images started flashing in my head of all the many things I’ve seen through the years, on roads, on trails and in parks.  It was my own mental drive-in theatre!  What an amazing journey…Thus Far!  I then had the thoughts of how much longer will my body hold up to do this kind of thing, will I be able to complete the challenge I’ve set for myself, will I make a difference.  Right there and then, I stopped myself.  Enjoy the journey Robert!

So many things from my running cross over into other areas of my life.  When taking a trip and driving state to state…I’m thinking…The Journey is the destination and just start recording everything!  From all the many cows that we pass (and I love cows!), to the kinds of cars on the road, the fields, streams, bridges, people we meet at gas stations or diners.  It’s all part of the Journey and should be enjoyed, just like on a run!

Another one of my favorite quotes.  “There will be a day when I can no longer run…Today is not that day!”  I’m still able to get out there and be one with the road and I will treasure it every step of the way.  When the journey comes to an end (the destination).  I’ll know that I gave it my all and enjoyed all life had to offer!  No Regrets!


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