Gear for the elements

One of the most important things I’ve found when it comes to running, is the gear you wear.  I started out doing my walks and just ran tree to tree.  At the time, I wore some good ole Nike Air Max and thought they were just cool to look at…lol!  As time progressed, I’ve learned that your shoe…and your sock are vital pieces of the equation.  Those Nike Air Max shoes were never fit by someone that knows shoes.  I purchased them at the mall…lol!  So after losing the toenail on my big toe twice, I decided that there must be some kind of problem.

I made the trip across town to Dave’s Running shop.  Was fitted properly and also found out that I needed a wide shoe (2E).  This would open up the toe box space and allow my toenails to stay on my toes!  Who knew?!  My first pair of really good running shoes were the New Balance 851’s and boy did they change my world of running!  The sky became the limit!

Cotton is the enemy!  Socks, underwear, running shirts, shorts…please, don’t wear cotton!  You’ll thank me later or you’ll tell me how badly you chafed areas of your body.  (Not fun!)  Again, stay running gear specific.  Tech shirts polyester based, spandex are awesome!  Socks…well, I have my favorites.  Feetures brand are my go to almost year round.  When it’s really cold, I switch up to Smartwool brand.  A bit warmer for the tough winter winds and snow.  Most of the big companies make a sock and everyone seems to have their favorite.  Just don’t go and throw on some cotton “tube socks” and think you’re going to run a marathon…hee hee!

Thicker is not always warmer!  The technology has grown in leaps and bounds in running gear.  So many things can be purchased that are thin yet warm, waterproof, moisture wicking, they are truly amazing now days!  I can go out on a very cold and windy day and be wearing running underwear, wind resistant running pants, heat holding compression top, a heat holding shirt over that, hat, gloves, shoes and socks.  To the untrained eye, you’d think I would freeze.  Actually I feel amazingly comfortable!  If there is heavy snow coming down, I throw a pullover shell jacket (windbreaker type) to keep from soaking the heat gear.  Again, we’ve come a long way in the technology here.

If you live in the local area, I recommend both Dave’s Running shop or Second Sole Running shop.  Both have just about anything that you’d need to get yourself out year round in comfort.  They are runners…so they get it!!  I hope to see you all out enjoying the winter months as often as you can (outside!)  Don’t let Mother nature ruin you fun!  Embrace the technology used in the running gear and hit it!


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