Stay the course

Hey there everyone!

I’m another week into my training and another week closer to my goals. I’m finding that I still have demons that like to creep back into my thoughts in the area of food. I’ll tell you that growing up with little makes for some strange habits and ways of thinking about food when you become an adult. As I stated in my prior entry, I hired a dietician to assist me in getting my life back on track with food. A part of it has to do with wanting to be the best version of me so that I can tackle my athletic challenges coming up. I also want to make sure that I feel good on the inside, that would include my brain. Alexa is well seasoned and doesn’t get rattled when I share my feelings about food during a day or week. She keeps me on course and focused on reality, and advises me to lean more that direction while working through the fuzzy thoughts. I believe in sharing these kinds of things in my blogs because I know that there are others out there that have gone through the same or worse when it comes to food. Talking about it and sharing ways to correct these behaviors is important. I say it all the time “we could all use a little counseling in our lives.”

The training in the gym has really ramped up! I’m actually excited about being in there. That’s something that kind of faded, and really hit the back burner during the pandemic years. I missed the feel of Iron and picking up “heavy shit!” I go in with focus, hit it hard and get out within an hour’s time. If I’m doing better in the gym, it’ll help to protect me for the beating I give the body when I’m out on the road. Everything is connected and they all serve one another in some fashion. The eating helps the training, the training and the eating help the brain! You see where I’m going with this?

Ahhhh….Yoga! I never thought that I’d find myself on a yoga mat. At least not actually doing yoga poses…lol! Perhaps laying on a mat staring at the ceiling when doing ab work, but nothing more. This is what I’ve learned already. Yoga is the real deal for working out the body. It not only helps you become more flexible, but works the muscles to become stronger! Then there’s the mental clarity that it gives you. I feel relaxed and refreshed. I’ve already been sharing the website for the place I’m going to with people from work. Lord knows we could all use a little in the stress department there! Downtown yoga 419 is my place of choice. I want to see the Downtown area continue to grow and supporting small businesses is important to me. If you’re local to this area, get on the website, grab some classes and show up on the mat. You’ll thank me for it later.

I’ll keep getting on here regularly and sharing whatever silliness I’m going through, and of course try to share what motivates me. I’m planning on a long walk tomorrow in the sunshine. That’s always good for my soul. I took a few days off of running to let some body parts do a little healing. Nothing major, and I’m addressing them with yoga and some help from my massage therapist. I’m hopeful that all of you are getting out and enjoying what this planet has to offer! Spring has definitely sprung! Baby birds, rabbits and other creatures are popping up all over the place. That always makes me smile. Not to mention I love the sound of all the birds singing in the early morning hours. Sigh…

Alright, I’m heading out and I’ll chat with you all again soon!

See you on the road…



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