2020…The Year That Wasn’t

I’m wondering where exactly to start with all of this.  I guess we’ll go with what’s happening in pretty much every corner of the world.  The words Covid-19 have found their way into pretty much everyone’s vocabulary these days.  One day it seemed that everyone was out doing their thing, planning spring vacations, working, shopping etc.  Then it all came to a screeching halt!

I’ll share this from my perspective and try to touch on what I see and what I hope for.  I began this year full of excitement and promise.  I struggled last year with injury and illness and had hoped to make a dramatic turn around in the 2020 year.  Things were starting to fire on all fronts…running, walking and even my lifting was going well.

My wife and I had planned an early spring trip to Utah to get a run in that we’d had to put off for a year, due to my stated injuries/illness.  The Zion Half Marathon was everything that we’d hoped, and the state was absolutely beautiful.  Zion National Park was so different from anywhere we’d ever been and I felt a new sense of purpose being in the area.  I was excited by the open range, and the stark look of the mountains. The half marathon course was breathtaking!  From a very chilly morning start, that warmed into a sunny and beautiful ending, the race was just perfect!

We’d been keeping an eye on the news and following the spread of the virus, even noticed that some people from the Utah area were found to be positive hits after being on a cruise.  We were cautious, but didn’t feel the need to panic at that time.  Even on our flight home, things still seemed to be pretty much normal.  We found out later that we had returned through Detroit Airport on a day that was known to have been considered “hot” by Michigan officials.  Karla and I still didn’t get panicked at that time.  We had already returned to our work places and felt fine, showing no signs of any kind of illness.  (Super grateful for that) I’m a bit of a weirdo anyway when traveling, and hate to touch anything in public places…or if I do, I wash may hands on a regular basis.  The thought of going somewhere like Cedar Point, where people hang all over metal rails, kind of makes my skin crawl…lol!

Upon our return, I realized that things were starting to get much more serious.  Races that I’d signed up for were in question, and eventually were cancelled.  The biggest marathon in our country was even pushed back (The Boston Marathon) due to fears of the virus.  It seemed as though daily something more was falling to the way side, concerts, races, just gatherings of any kind.  The bottom appeared to be falling out.

So, here we are, crawling into Spring.  The stores are pretty much all closed, except for grocery.  No one is traveling and moving about has become a hazard.  People are off work or working reduced schedules.  There are some that are at least lucky enough to be working from home, but that too brings a whole different set of issues.  Children are out of school, day cares are closed or reduced to just persons that are considered to be essential workers.  Everything seems to have stopped.  Life has changed, and the question now is, will we ever be the same when we come out on the other side?

Let me say this…I’ve never been good at just sitting still.  Those that know me understand how crazy I become when made to “sit still”.  It’s never a good thing.  My mind is always racing and my desire to “do” never quits.  If you’re wondering just exactly how to get through something like this and remain whole…Go outside and play!  How odd that the very thing I’ve been talking about on here for years now has come full circle.

I get up in the morning and get my dogs walked.  Then it’s my turn!  I go out on my own or with one of my sisters (with a 6 foot gap between us) and we walk.  I don’t need a park, but I do enjoy them.  I don’t need a gym, or people, or anything really.  What I have always desired is already out there.  The blue sky, the birds, the squirrels, everything, just everything is already there.  It’s always been there, it’s just been waiting for us to take the time, take a breath, and discover it.  Well, now is your time to discover.  Maybe mother nature is sending a wake up call to the world.  To be better humans.  Maybe we need to re-think how we act, what we treasure and how we speak.  Tough times will show you the best and the worst in people.  I do my best to stay focused on the good, the stories of people helping people.  The “Bear Hunts” that are now going on in neighborhoods all over America.  (Not really a hunt…it’s just bears in people’s windows…lol!)  We have the ability to adapt and to change.  Well, maybe now is that time.  Find out something special about yourself while staying home.  Read more, write poetry, or stories.  Read to your children, listen to music and really let it touch your soul.


Yes, there are things that we may be missing out on this year.  Remember that some are not coming out of this, some are losing loved ones to this terrible virus, and are unable to even be next to them when they leave this world.  I think of this often…and I hurt for them.  I’m grateful that during this time I’m still able to work.  I’m grateful that I’m in “lock-down” with my most favorite person in this world.  I’m grateful for those that love me and for the freedom to be able to still express it.  I’m also grateful that I’m still able to go outside and play, to wander like I always do.  I’m perhaps now…even more grateful for that time on the road.

We will get through this.  “This too shall pass” was something my Mother always said to me and I’ve heard it spoken now more than ever.  I’m going to do what is asked of me, so that everyone will be able to enjoy tomorrow.  I’m asking all of you to do the same.  Stay home, go out only when you have to for essentials.  Exercise as much as you need…but do so at a safe distance from others.  If you’re like me…I just wander the roads with no set destination and usually run into pretty much no one.  Can’t get much safer than that.

2020…the year that wasn’t?  No, I choose to call this 2020…the year we discovered ourselves.  Be better humans.  Be kind to one another and please stay healthy…until we meet again.

“I’ll see you on the road!”


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