Stress in your life? RUN!!

Stress…I know, the word we all throw around and carry with us on a daily basis.  Demands at work, at home, with family, traveling, it all has a certain amount of stress involved.  My best advice…Go out and run!!

I have conversations with people and try my best to share the feelings I get after a run.  I use words like Zen, cleansed, happy, centered and numerous others that really fit how I am when I return from my run.  What if you can’t run??  Walk!  Don’t like walking, Bike!  Just move!  Sitting and doing nothing is never going to accomplish anything.  I’ve talked about my off days from running and Oh Lord!  Just taking a day off I get tired, ache and develop an edge to me that makes me a somewhat “no fun” person to be around!

Along with doing these 30 races to celebrate 30 years of running.  I’ve teamed up with Mobile Meals to try to help fund the incredible work that they do at their organization.  I also want to continue to spread the word of what physical fitness can do for each and every one of you!  You’ll hear me speak most times of running because it’s what I love to do.  It doesn’t mean that if you don’t run, you don’t count.  I’m simply sharing my formula for my success.  I’ll try to give at least 30 tips of what I’ve learned during the 30 years along the way.  Some might be silly things but it’ll be fun none the less!

I’ll be off to run now in the big wind!  It’s cold today and the wind is still blowing but I feel a need to hit the pavement!  As I like to say…”The Road is Calling!”  I hope you all have a wonderful day and keep moving!


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