Moving past the setbacks

The idea of running these 30 races continues to amaze me at times.  Believe me, I’ve questioned my sanity a few times!  My main goal is to FINISH each and every race!  Spoiler alert…I may just run more than 30!  I have the mind-set and a great cause.  Mobile Meals of Toledo!  I remember the first meeting with them and saying “I just hope that I can raise some kind of money to make a difference.”  I was told then and there…anything you do will be appreciated!  They won me over with that statement!  They believed in me more than I believed in me!  How is that possible??  I can never express in words how much I appreciate people like the ones that run Mobile Meals of Toledo and all of the wonderful volunteers that help get people the food they need on a daily basis!  This includes my wonderful wife.  Always thinking of others…just amazing!  I will continue this journey through the entire year of 2015!  I will continue to do local races and even venture to a few other states!  You’ll see my bright RunZombieRun shirt in each and every run!  I’m on a mission to make a difference!  “Running with a purpose!”

The race this last weekend (Run for Super PI) was an awesome event!  Props to Tom Silva and Dianna Ashton…along with many others for organizing a top-notch event!  Without your passion for this sport…what kind of races would we have to run?!  Keep up the fine work and I’ll keep showing up!

The race was wonderful but my hamstring decided that I finished the last 1/4 mile a bit too fast.  I’ve been fighting off a couple different small injuries and the hamstring really sent a message after the PI run.  I’m here to tell you…message was received!  I have too much riding on these races and I need to keep the focus on finishing…put my pride and desire to fly in a little box for now and just keep from blowing something apart!  I keep thinking that I’m still young…lol!  The body reminds me that I’m not “that” young anymore.  The sore tendons in the foot have settled down and I’ve managed to get the hamstring loose.  Daily rolling on a foam roller and stretching have helped a bunch.  Advil and some rest are doing their part too.  I did a light 3 mile run at the park yesterday and felt pretty good.  I’m taking today off and will do another short run tomorrow.  With a full weekend of races, I need to keep it calm.  No worrying about PR’s!  Thinking of my PR could land me in the ER!  hee hee!!

So to any that want to follow this weekend. Here is the link to Saturday’s run The Great Black Swamp Festival of races!  Patti and I will be running the 25K and expect to be on the road for about 2 1/2 hours…give or take.  A map along with the start and finish are all listed on this site.  Sunday will be the Wearin of the Green!  This will be held at Maumee Bay State Park in Oregon, Ohio!  (My backyard)  Looks to be a cold start but lots of sunshine!  There is the link for that race.

Spring is trying to get here!  Whatever you decide to do…make sure you keep moving!  Don’t let any setbacks stop your vision or passion!  Get out and be inspired!  You never know who’s watching…you just may inspire someone else and how cool would that be?!  See you on the road!


As always…you can donate on my website  It is a direct link to Mobile Meals of Toledo!  They even placed a runzombierun spot on the Mobile Meals of Toledo webpage!  Anything and everything are always appreciated!

Trying to keep everything together

Well, we have the Holidays upon us!  Shopping, wrapping, making cookies, planning family get togethers, everything is in full swing.  Somewhere in there I need to find the time to keep my training going.  Working the morning shift always turns things upside down for me.  I need to wake by 3:15 a.m. in order to wake enough to go out and get my run done or do weight training at the gym.  I can’t just blow it off…there’s too much riding on this next year!  I’ve committed to helping Mobile Meals of Toledo and refuse to let people down.  Along with that, I have 30 years worth of running mileage on this body.  That means that some days the lower back is tired, the feet hurt a bit, muscles want to cramp, just kind of beat up.  I’ve made a return to the gym a priority to keep the muscles strong.  I’ve been going to see my favorite massage therapist (Becky-Massage Works) on a more frequent basis to keep the moving parts moving!  A little Advil and a lot of praying!  2015 needs to be great!

The first T-shirt campaign went well and I’m working on a test shirt to start the year off with.  It will be geared for those that prefer tech shirts over a regular t-shirt.  The first couple I hope to have ready shortly after the beginning of the year.  I know that I must have them ready before my 10 miler on 1/25 and for sure before the A1A Half Marathon down in Florida!  I want people to see the shirt and ask questions, become interested and maybe even pledge a few bucks!

Remember that the Website has a donation page that links directly to Mobile Meals of Toledo.  No monies go to me what so ever!  This is all about the charity and helping to make it stronger.  You can do one time donations, or you can just pledge a set dollar amount for each race I run…however you want to do it!

The first race will be the Midnight Special 5K run and is listed on my events calendar on  It actually starts on New Years Eve but finishes in the wee hours of New Years Day.  I’ll work on getting some video going for the first couple runs and have that added to the website and probably Facebook as well.

I hope everyone has a warm and wonderful Holiday season!  Christmas is always a special time of year.  (Even if it is cold and dark most of the time!)  Keep in touch, don’t be scared to follow this blog on a regular basis.  Sign up and get email notifications!  Everytime I do an entry on here, it goes to Facebook as well.  Share the website and talk about this crazy idea I’ve come up!  Even better, come out and run along with me at a race!  Love having peeps with me!

I’ll get on here again in the next day or so.  If you don’t read then, Merry Christmas to you and yours.  Be safe!


With Every Challenge, There Must Be Rules

I’ve set out to do 30 races for 30 years of running.  A big challenge…Yes!  But doable!  So that everyone knows what to expect and I am held accountable for this.  I’ve set some rules in place.

1.  All Races are to be completed between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015

2.  All Races must be no shorter distance than a 5K (3.1 miles)

3.  If I obtain any sponsors during the year, I will honor them by wearing their logo and giving them shout outs via Facebook, and to anyone that might speak with me before, during or after a race.

4.  I’ll do my best to run most of the races locally.  (But I do enjoy travel and can’t help but run!)

5.  I shall seek out races that honor another charity!  Paying my race fees to another charity…double bonus!

6  Some races can and may be done as virtual.  If you’re not familiar…you can sign up for a race and yes, most are for charities.  You have a set time in which to complete the distance required.  Your time is to be turned into the administrators via picture upload usually of my Garmin.  Medal is then sent through the mail to your home and/or a t-shirt of the event.  I may have to do some of these due to my work schedule.

7.  There is no set amount of races to be done in a month’s time.  I have to do 30 races…might be in all 12 months, might be in 6!  Yikes!!  I hope not!

8.  I will always speak about my charities and ask that others help them if they can.  There are people out there that need our help.

I think that covers most of it.  I look forward to posting pictures of these events!  I look forward to boosting funds for my charities!  Let’s get this rolling and have great success!