Trying to keep everything together

Well, we have the Holidays upon us!  Shopping, wrapping, making cookies, planning family get togethers, everything is in full swing.  Somewhere in there I need to find the time to keep my training going.  Working the morning shift always turns things upside down for me.  I need to wake by 3:15 a.m. in order to wake enough to go out and get my run done or do weight training at the gym.  I can’t just blow it off…there’s too much riding on this next year!  I’ve committed to helping Mobile Meals of Toledo and refuse to let people down.  Along with that, I have 30 years worth of running mileage on this body.  That means that some days the lower back is tired, the feet hurt a bit, muscles want to cramp, just kind of beat up.  I’ve made a return to the gym a priority to keep the muscles strong.  I’ve been going to see my favorite massage therapist (Becky-Massage Works) on a more frequent basis to keep the moving parts moving!  A little Advil and a lot of praying!  2015 needs to be great!

The first T-shirt campaign went well and I’m working on a test shirt to start the year off with.  It will be geared for those that prefer tech shirts over a regular t-shirt.  The first couple I hope to have ready shortly after the beginning of the year.  I know that I must have them ready before my 10 miler on 1/25 and for sure before the A1A Half Marathon down in Florida!  I want people to see the shirt and ask questions, become interested and maybe even pledge a few bucks!

Remember that the Website has a donation page that links directly to Mobile Meals of Toledo.  No monies go to me what so ever!  This is all about the charity and helping to make it stronger.  You can do one time donations, or you can just pledge a set dollar amount for each race I run…however you want to do it!

The first race will be the Midnight Special 5K run and is listed on my events calendar on  It actually starts on New Years Eve but finishes in the wee hours of New Years Day.  I’ll work on getting some video going for the first couple runs and have that added to the website and probably Facebook as well.

I hope everyone has a warm and wonderful Holiday season!  Christmas is always a special time of year.  (Even if it is cold and dark most of the time!)  Keep in touch, don’t be scared to follow this blog on a regular basis.  Sign up and get email notifications!  Everytime I do an entry on here, it goes to Facebook as well.  Share the website and talk about this crazy idea I’ve come up!  Even better, come out and run along with me at a race!  Love having peeps with me!

I’ll get on here again in the next day or so.  If you don’t read then, Merry Christmas to you and yours.  Be safe!


Why Zombie–The story behind the name

Some of you may be wondering “why the name Zombie?”  No, it’s not because I’m part of the Walking Dead nor have I been bitten by any such creature…lol!  I’ve worked a great many strange shifts during my time on this earth.  Most of them have been during the dark hours.  I’ve also worked and still work swing shifts!  This can make one become a little on the sleep deprived side, cause dark rings under the eyes and maybe a bit cranky.  Years back after working a long stretch of late night shifts, I went to a get together with friends.  I could not recall the day of the week and obviously looked a bit rough.  I was given the name “Zombie” that day and it’s stuck all these years later!  I’ve embraced the name and actually become very proud of it!  You’ll find it on my license plate (for both cars), on numerous shirts that I own and I still answer to it at work or at home.

I know it’s probably not the exciting story you all were looking for.  I felt that I should at least explain the origin though.  I wear it like a badge of honor now!

RunZombieRun is the perfect depiction of who I am and what I love to do.  I have plans to run until I can do it no longer, to try to bring awareness to good causes and hopefully to inspire some people along the way.  “Inspire before you Expire!”  I’m not sure what the life expectancy is for a Zombie but I’m not taking any chances!  I want to live with no regrets and enjoy every mile!  Running is truly a blessing and being able to share it with others…priceless!

Feel free to join the Zombie Revolution!  Get out the shoes!  Walk, Bike, Run, Donate, make a difference!  Be proud of your inner Zombie…you know you have one too!


Running to burn off the crazy

Hit the road with my sister this evening for a nice 7+ mile hop.  When she arrived at my home, I was bumbling about and cursing.  My after work mood was not the best and I don’t think my sister had any idea the amount of craziness that had built up inside of me.  I finally got my gear situated, or so I thought and we headed out the door.  After walking down my street that leads out of the sub-division, I realized that I’d left my road ID, my Garmin and my shin compression wrap all at home…sigh.  Some days or nights, just seem to go this way.

We reached the main street and proceeded to get the run started.  Cars were riding very close to the edge of the road, a few even seemed to be aiming for us more than trying to give clearance.  The whole time I’m thinking to myself “just get into the run and burn off the crazy!”  After the first mile or so of the “grumbles” I started to come around.  It’s almost like you can feel the ugliness slowly burning off.  Bleeding out of your sweat!

By mile 3 I was feeling much better and apologized to my sister for being such a turd at the start of the run.  She understood and kind of chuckled.  She said “how many times have you listened to me when we get out here going all nuts?!”  Running is a special bond and has a certain kind of magic to it.  I love being able to share it with numerous members of my family and friends.  When you speak with other runners or tell them stories like this, they just get it.  I often wonder where I would be or how I would be able to rid myself of the awful feelings we humans get some days if I didn’t run.  Whoa…let’s not think about that! lol!

The run was wonderful, I got over my crankiness, I’ll sleep better knowing that I drained the body and mind of all the impurities.  Thanks to my sis for putting up with me for the first part of the run tonight!  Thanks to all of you for taking an interest in a crazy runner like me!  Off to rest and wake at zero dark thirty once again.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Driven with a purpose

What is it that makes one get up in the early a.m. hours, prior to any sign of sunshine?  Why would you get out of a nice warm bed on a cold winter’s morning and purposely walk out into the cold morning air? These questions and many others can be answered with a single word…Driven!

When I hit the road or trail to get my run going, this word rattles through my head on a regular basis.  It started at a young age but was mislead.  I became driven for success but thought it would come through things, possessions if you will.  I felt empty when I obtained possessions yet couldn’t understand why.  To share each and every step of my young life would take more than just a blog…lol!  A book perhaps, but I’m betting there’s not a huge market for the life and times of a poor Eastside kid from Toledo.  That being said, once I discovered running…things began to clear up!  You could say that I “Get it” now!

I’m now Driven with a purpose!  My love for running has brought me to wanting to share my experiences.  To help, to make a difference and hopefully change someone’s life for the better.  Whenever I sit down to type…I hope that at least one person is touched or moved.  If it makes them smile, or put on running shoes for the first time, I’m making a difference.  My purpose is to share what I’ve learned, to guide when someone needs it and to be a good person.

Driven With A Purpose…let’s use that slogan today!  Think about your life and what you do.  How you can make a change for the better.  Take care of yourself and your health for there are those that rely on you and love you!  Remember that you matter!  Find the fire that’s inside and go with it!  Hit the gym, take a walk, go for a run!  This will only turn into better things…I promise you!  You’ll discover something about yourself while moving and you’ll have time alone in your head to think about a great many things.  (I know I have!)  From there, you’ll find your purpose.  It’s my belief that all of us has a common purpose…to help others!

Enjoy your day and keep checking in on me!  There’s more to come!

Stay Driven!