The purpose driven runner…

I know that it’s been awhile and I always promise to get things out sooner. For some reason, life always gets in the way. The job is insane right now and everything is back to moving at light speed. When this happens, I like to find my purpose and stay focused on what’s important to me. You just know that it includes running!

I’ve been lucky this year and managed to make my way into both the Boston Marathon (the virtual version). I’m just never going to be fast enough to qualify…lol! I’m also taking on the challenge of running for Team For Kids and doing the NYC Marathon this November! I’m so excited to be going back to the streets of New York and taking in all that it has to offer. It’s bitter sweet going this time, as the last time I went there, my sister was hospitalized and had gone through a double lung transplant. I ran with a heavy heart and upon my return, handed my finsher’s medal over to her. She was the one working through so much, and battling for her very life. I was honored to share the medal with her.

My sister passed away earlier this year from complications with the transplant. I’m not sure how to express the feelings that I have and always struggle saying the right things to family members about it. So I turn to what I know and what has always helped me deal with tragedy. Running…

I’ve joined the Team For Kids and have stated that I’d raise funds to assist their cause. Team For Kids takes this money and works with youth to give them a positive way to deal with life, sets up and assist with running teams and coaches. It’s a very positive way for at risk kids to find outlets that can make their lives better, to give them hope for the future. That speaks to my soul. Coming from a very poor family and being an at risk kid, I totally understand the set backs that can occur. I tell people all the time that running saved my life. That my friends, is a very true statement!

I thought of my sister when I was looking for a team to join up with. She was always about giving back and caretaking. Probably what drew her to becoming a nurse and staying in that career her entire adult life…all the way until her passing. Running is always better when you have a purpose. You feel those that are counting on you and want to finish your journey knowing that you made some kind of difference. I think it’s safe to say that doing this would make my sister proud of me.

If you are at all interested in assisting me in raising funds for Team For Kids, I’m listing my link for donations at the bottom of this blog. It’s a secure link and funds will go directly to the Team For Kids. Feel free to look on their website for more information on what they do and how special these people truly are. Kids are the future!

I want to close this out by telling you all that I plan on running my very best this year in New York. The marathon distance is truly a life changing event and while I enjoy the challenge that it brings, it’s always a struggle to complete. I know in my heart that those I have lost will travel with me…I just feel it! I want to achieve great things with my running and I want to show everyone that even one small town runner can make a difference in the world. We have the power within us to bring about change for the better.

Thank you for always following me and cheering me on! Thank you in advance for any and all donations that you share with my Team For Kids!

I’ll see you on the road!


Link to my personal page with Team For Kids is:


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