Reflection and the path forward

I always find myself reflecting on past events when I’m facing a big race. I think it’s because I think through so much while out on a run. I was even going through my past blog entries and enjoying pictures from previous races. Some were very hard to read through because of the loss of loved ones. Reading of my father’s passing and my sister Gini’s struggles with a double lung transplant. While we all remained so hopeful, my sister passed away at the beginning of this year. She was an amazing person, full of life and talents. I miss her daily 💔.

What is it that makes me do this you ask? It’s the power of the road. That’s where I leave everything, or at least go to heal myself. My sister always thought I was a bit off with my running. She, along with others, would often ask “what are you running from?” The answer is, I’m not running from anything, I’m going to a place that helps me makes sense of the world. I go there to heal from my sister’s loss, to find beauty in the world again. I sweat out the toxins from everyday life…physical and mental . The road is a great listener, never judges and is always open.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll once again stand at a start line of a marathon. The distance I’ve continually swore I’d never run again, yet for some reason, I’m drawn to them. This one is special, it’s my home town, and the city I’ve always loved. In my 36 years of running, I’ve never done the full marathon here. I guess it’s time!

Emotions will be running high. My older sister Leanna will be at my side, and my sister Gini will be in my heart. I’ll think of her with each breath I take. Yeah, this one’s important.

I plan to celebrate afterwards with family and dogs! To share feelings from the day and to make new memories.❤️ My path forward is paved. The answers I seek are out there. I’ll continue to run and heal…mile after mile.

I’ll see you on the road!


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