The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye

This is for all of my fellow Zombies, or at least the dedicated few that have followed Run Zombie Run from the beginning.  The time has come for Run Zombie Run to say Goodbye.  It’s been a nice go over the past 5 years and I’ve truly enjoyed it.  From the very beginning of running my 30 races, in order to raise money for Mobile Meals of Toledo.  The aid in senior nutrition was near and dear to my heart.  Please know that I still give to them on a yearly basis and always will.

I think back over the years of all the fun races and adventures that I’ve had the privilege to share with all of you.  Some of the dark times were part of it…from my own health issues to the double lung transplant my sister went through.  The whole time, I ran with purpose.

I’ve run just about every race in the local area and of course did numerous road trips to exciting destination runs.  I was lucky enough to get into the Big Sur Marathon and run the ragged coast of California.  I’ve run the strip in Las Vegas at night…with not a single car on it!  My crown jewel was running the streets of New York City!  It was absolutely breath taking to be a part of that.  The race was dedicated to my sister Gini Feller and the medal from the race resides at her home…where she is healthy and breathing with her new lungs! (hugs)

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you.  The donations to charities, the messages to me wishing me luck before every race and the wonderful interactions I’ve shared with all of you.  Be it at work or on the road…I’ve cherished all of it.

I’m never giving up on my running (mostly walking now), my new found love for biking or any other activity that keeps me moving.  I just think it’s time to close down the Run Zombie Run Facebook page.  It served it’s purpose, but is no longer needed.  Rather then letting it fade into obscurity, I’ll just close it.

I’d ask that you all continue to move!  Find whatever it is that brings you happiness.  Take the time to really enjoy what you have and where you are.  Reaching for the stars is always a wonderful thing, but sometimes, it’s nice just to be in the moment…and be alright with it.

Thank you once again for making these years wonderful.

I”ll see you on the road!


2 thoughts on “The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye

  1. I my goodness, this was sad and uplifting at the same time. I have ALWAYS enjoyed reading your posts and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful pictures you shared. Looking forward to your next adventure(s) as I’m sure there will be many! Hugs and best wishes always!! Joyce


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