Running the 419 and beyond!

So…here we go again with having to apologize for staying away from my blog for so long.  I’ve been caught up in the usual things (WORK!)  LOL!!  I have been able to spend a little bit of time out on the road running and even hit a few more races from the last time we talked!  I had to cut down a little bit due to an injury that seems to want to cause a bit of pain to my right foot, but I’ve done a round of steroids and feel much better!  Crossing fingers to keep logging the miles.


I signed up this year to run the 419 series of races.  They included the Channel 11 River run, the Muddy Half Marathon, the Ohio/Michigan 8k race, the Boy Scout Half marathon and the final run of the series is the Run for your life 10K.  The River Run brought back memories of yesteryear with the running over the High level bridge and doing a quick hop through the EastSide of Toledo!  My old stomping grounds…lol!  The Muddy Half Marathon was a very warm and humid day.  The first part of this Half marathon was beautiful as far as the scenery and we did have some tree cover to help cut down on the sun crushing us.  Once we hit about mile 8…it was wide open and just Hot!  There were tons of people walking along the race course and just trying to survive.  I ran this one the entire way with my kid sis Patti.  We had a blast and took in the sights, cussed a little bit about the heat and then enjoyed being sprayed by some wonderful Toledo folks with a hose on Broadway in old South Toledo!  (that was a life saver…for real!)  The shirts for the race were fun and bling was pretty swell too!


This next run up is the Ohio/Michigan 8K run.  It always draws a big crowd and there’s a bit of fun because it covers roads in both Ohio and Michigan on the course.  The shirts for the race can come in Ohio State colors, Michigan colors or what looks to be Michigan State colors…lol!  Kind of cool!  It’s a night race and starts at 7:30 p.m. next Thursday 7/13/17.  Now I’m going to try to run this one quick enough so that I can jump in my car and go to my volleyball game on the same night!  I may miss a few minutes and be a little damp but I love Volleyball almost as much as I love running.  Should be interesting.

We have a road trip planned to an area just north of Traverse City, MI.  the Vineyard to Bay 25K!  This run is just a gem and is overlooked by so many runners (which is fine by me).  The rolling hills and beauty of the area make this a must do for anyone.  I say add it to your bucket list and you won’t be disappointed!  In fact, I highly suggest you take a little extra time either before the race or after and enjoy the area of Sutton’s Bay.  Fun shops and beauty are everywhere you look.  We’re planning on enjoying a week prior to the run to just slow down and take everything in.


September will bring the Market to Market Relay race from Cincinnati to Dayton.  6 wonderful people all loaded up into one van…yeah…you get the idea!  We jump out and run one at a time, jump back in and send another runner out.  This continues for the entire day/night until we make it to Dayton.  It’s kind of a mini Ragnar and I do love my Ragnar Relay races!  I can hardly wait to get this one going!  Expect tons of pictures from this event!


I’m doing a bit of hiking this year as well.  Karla and I have decided to head to Hocking Hills right here in Ohio to take in everything it has to offer.  Something new and exciting for us.  We’re staying in an area called Fiddlestix Village.  It has places that were once old General Stores, a caboose from an old railroad transformed into a cabin…just really cool and unique things.  We’re staying in the General Store…lol!  I’m kind of excited to see this in person.  Pictures will of course be posted for all of this as well.

The other major hiking trip will be to…you guessed it!  Tennessee!  November we will get together for a mini family reunion once again to share in the beauty that is Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains.  I’m always excited to be going back to what I refer to as “home”.  I’m curious to see what damage can be seen from the major fires that hit there.  Many of the cabins that we’ve stayed in over the years were wiped out.  So many good memories.  I know they’ll rebuild and it will be wonderful once again.  The park is just…well, Home!


We continue to work with Blackjack Animal Rescue to raise funds and awareness.  I can never express how wonderful these people that volunteer to help these beautiful creatures on a day to day basis.  They work tirelessly to save as many pups as possible and do it on a shoe string budget.  My Stella is living/loving proof that they do wonderful things.  She was found wandering on an expressway in TN where she was saved, brought to health and eventually adopted out to Karla and I.  Stella has been a blessing in our lives and I love my crazy Catahoula dog.  I invite others to look into adopting, fostering or donating.  Everything helps and is always appreciated.



Well, I should get something more done on my day off.  I’ll leave you with this.  Life is made up of days.  How you fill those days becomes your life!  I’ll just let that sit there for now.  Go outside and play and maybe, just maybe…I’ll see you on the road!


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