2017…the new challenges!

I just wanted to touch base with everyone and let you know that I’m still holding onto my 30races.com blog and will be doing regular entries over the 2017 racing season.  The main focus this next year will be my love for the Dogs!  Blackjack Animal Rescue has grabbed my heart with the wonderful work they do finding homes for Catahoula Leopard dogs along with numerous other breeds.  Some have been surrendered, many are from high kill shelters that just don’t have the space to keep them and then there are those misplaced souls that have lost their owner and need love for the rest of their lives.

I feel as strongly about helping animals as I do about helping the elderly!  Mobile Meals is still a wonderful outfit and I continue to donate funds on a regular basis to them.

stellastella3Blackjack Rescue is a small non profit organization that’s based in Tennessee but has strong networking all across the country.  I know this as my latest addition to our family is Stella.  Stella is a full blooded Catahoula Leopard dog that was found running on a busy expressway in TN.  She has become the love of our household and I feel the need to help others find these wonderful creatures and see just how much love they have to give.

I’ll be doing my best to raise funds through donations to http://blackjackrescue.org/ and also looking into selling more of my Run Zombie Run t-shirts this season.  I’m hoping to do a big push before I run my last Full Marathon in April of 2017!  Karla and I will be running the Big Sur Marathon out in Sunny California!  This race is listed as a bucket list run and one of the top 5 marathons in the country.  I can’t hardly wait!  My focus is strictly to finish this run!  I want to keep my body intact and come home whole!  lol!!

stella2So stay with me and by all means share Blackjack’s page on Facebook or jump on and give a couple of bucks!  Be sure to tell Sharon that Zombie sent you!  She’ll be thrilled to get the boost!

I’ll see you on the road!


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