The Time Has Arrived!

Being an (East) Toledo born and raised runner, there is one event that we all look forward to in this town!  The Glass City Marathon!  The Glass City Marathon turns 40 this year and is well-known for being one of the best courses to knock down a killer time due to our lack of hills.  While we may lack hills, we never lack in spirit or talent!  NW Ohio is full of some of the best runners you’ll find anywhere in the country.  Really…stop by some of the events held by the #toledoroadrunners during the year and you’ll see some serious speed!  Numerous people from this area not only qualified for the Boston Marathon but went there and smoked the clock!  So proud of you all!  Remember this…you’ve done something that many will only dream of doing and that’s special.

Sunday, April 24th at 0703 a.m. expect the streets of Toledo to be filled with runners!  Yes we get up at ridiculous hours and yes we run in any condition mother nature throws our way.  Why you ask?  Because we’re runners and we love what we’re doing!  This Sunday looks to be on target for excellent running conditions!  I expect to see more Toledo runners BQ (Boston Qualify)!  Get it!

I’ll be there on Sunday!  Taking part in my favorite distance.  The Half Marathon or 13.1 miles!  (call me lazy)  I just went to see my favorite massage therapist Becky at Massage Works in Perrysburg, Ohio to keep the body tuned so that I can “hopefully” PR!  I set the bar high last year for myself and turned in a 1:56 time.  If I can crack that…hot dog!  I’ve trained through the winter and have no major injuries…so cross your fingers that I can lay down a time to make myself proud!

My training partner and sister (Patti) will be running the Half Marathon as will my bride (Karla)!  I’m wishing all good things for both of them come Sunday and also want to thank them for always being supportive and keeping me focused!  We got this!  Keep thinking of the beer tent Karla! 😉

I’ll be sporting quite a bit of PINK gear this year!  My 2016 Run Zombie Run shirts have Pink lettering and of course the Mobile Meals of Toledo emblem on the back!  The Pink is for my warriors that are fighting cancer, have won the battle and for those we’ve lost to this terrible disease.  I love you all!  I will carry you on this run as I always do.

My people at Mobile Meals of Toledo…what can I say?  They are simply amazing!  I’m so proud every time I put on my Run Zombie Run shirt!  It’s great to be part of a group that works so hard to make life better for so many people!  My wife still volunteers to deliver for Mobile Meals during lunch time and has shared many stories of the wonderful people who she meets.  Sometimes…the person delivering the meal is the only person they get to see in a day.  I’ve been lucky enough to go out on delivery during the Pet Food delivery that Mobile Meals does.  Again, there are people out there that would rather feed their pet than themselves.  So please remember Mobile Meals for this race or at anytime!  I have my website that you can donate any amount you wish!  You can leave a message for myself or just a quick note letting the people at Mobile Meals know they’re appreciated.  I appreciate the donations and the wonderful following we have on here!

Now back to Sunday!  Come out and cheer, volunteer, join in the 5K!  You don’t have to run…walkers are welcome!  This race is about Toledo and the wonderful people that live and work here!  We’re special and can I just say…BADASS!  I’m always proud to say that I’m from Toledo!  I’m especially proud when I travel to other states and serve notice to others that we Run in Toledo!  Runners…GET IT on Sunday!!

I’ll see you all on the road!


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