Vacation in the south and back at it!

Sorry for the delay in getting something on the blog.  We took a family trip to South Carolina last week to get my daughter’s senior pictures done by a good friend and of course to visit the ocean/beaches and such!  The weather was crazy hot but sunshine every day!  Average temp was around 95 and the humidity…well, “forget about it!”  All my running was designated to pre-dawn when the temp was a low 82-84 degrees and about 87% humidity!

bridgebridge2The highlight of the vacation (as far as running goes) was to take on the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge…also known as the Cooper River bridge.  This thing is 2.5 miles in length and is one of the most beautiful suspension bridges in the country!  The first challenge was to run from one side to the other (5 miles).  Karla and I handled it and got back to our cottage and started talking about the run.  We decided that we needed a bit more of a challenge.  My idea…”Run the damn thing twice!”  We returned after a day off and wow!  The heat was crazy, we got to our parking spot later than expected due to road construction and on the second go around…the sun was up and cooking!  By mile 8 my feet were so wet from sweat that my shoes were leaving footprints on the pavement!  I know…gross!  Sweat footprints!  The views from the bridge and the excitement of being on a bridge of this size carried me through the 10 miles!  A killed almost a full 32 oz. Gatorade and a Core protein shake right after the run.  Karla was so depleted that she was almost in a daze!  We were very proud to have finished what we set out to do!  Bring on the next bridge!!mike and karla on bridge

The beauty of South Carolina can be intoxicating.  So much to see and things are so well-preserved.  We went into Charleston and signed up for a Ghost and Graveyard walking tour!  Old graveyards from the 1700’s, stories of everything that went on in the streets there was something we really looked forward to.  We got into the downtown area a little early and walked the neighborhoods to look at the old historic homes.  Stunning is a good way to put it!  The tour started at 9:30 p.m. and we began wandering the streets and learning about the past.  A short time later I noticed helicopters flying about with spot lights.  I told Karla that they were Police choppers and with the spot lights on they had to be looking for someone.  I became very uneasy and the Eastside kid inside of me said there was danger about.  As soon as the tour concluded we headed back to the parking garage.  Karla looked on-line to see if there was something going on in the area.  I’m sure you all are aware now of the unspeakable horror that unfolded in the church there.  Getting out of the downtown area was a little tough as there were police everywhere and much of the area was blocked off.  We didn’t find out until the next morning what had happened and it left Karla and I very sad and out of sorts.

We made one more stop in the down town area before leaving and hoped to leave with better feelings about South Carolina.  I tried to embrace the beauty of the area and believe that things would improve.  It also made me reflect that my time on earth is never guaranteed and I need to live in the moment!  We returned to the beach and remained in the Folly Beach area until departing.  For those wondering, Folly Beach is an amazing area to visit!  Very small feel and not over commercialized!  Super Pet friendly…in fact they allow dogs to walk on the beach each morning from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. with their owners to enjoy the scenery.  There is a small café called Lost Dog that I highly recommend visiting if you go there!  They serve Breakfast and lunch and then close for the day to relax!  The owner is originally from Ohio!  Yay!!

I kept up with the training during my vacation but did not schedule any formal races.  I’ll be right back at it this Saturday 6/27/15 at 8:30 a.m. at Swan Creek Metro Park for the Humane Hustle 5K!  All proceeds benefit the Humane Society!  We all love our animals!  I have quite a few races on tap for July!  July 2nd I’ll be in Woodville Ohio for the 4th of July celebration 5K!  It’s a night race 7:30 p.m. start.  Then it’ll be the Ohio/Michigan 8K on July 9th.  This will also be a night run!  Later in the month will be the Shawshanke Hustle in Mansfield Ohio at the old prison!  The following day will be Where’s the Dam trail 1/4 and 1/2 marathon in Grand Rapids Ohio!  I may throw another race or two in there and that will pack July!  With other races on my radar, I’m pretty sure I’ll reach 30 races by October.  That could stay tuned!

Big message today…Live everyday to the fullest!  Tomorrow is promised to no one!  Live and Love those around you please!  We all need to take stock in those that mean something in our lives.  Now get out there and get moving!  I’ll see you on the road!


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