Running for others

While I always go out and enjoy each and every run, I feel even better (before, during and after) when there’s purpose!  I’ve found that my celebration of the 30 years I’ve been running has been one of the most fulfilling times in my life thus far!  I teamed up with Mobile Meals of Toledo to raise funds and awareness of hunger and the need to help feed those in need.  Along with this, I’ve had numerous people in my life come upon hard times.  Sickness and health issues seem to be hitting many that I care for.  While I’m unable to assist in their recovery first hand, I can bring attention, show compassion and care for them as a person.  I can let them know that they matter and that others think of them.

Valory Newton, from her public Facebook page

Valory Newton, from her public Facebook page

I’ll be running for a 9-year-old little girl this weekend and probably for several other races.  Valory Newton is fighting bone cancer at this time.  She’s lost a leg but continues to be a positive and loving little girl.  I want nothing more than for her to be able to feel better and live the life that so many of us enjoy.  My sister Gini Feller shared her story with me and asked that I dedicate some miles to her.  I will do so with great honor!  I’ll throw some pink into my wardrobe, place her name upon my arm and carry her as far as I possibly can!  Thank you so much Gini for bringing this to my attention and for asking me to share in her recovery.  Again, I’m honored.

Valory…I want you to focus on getting well!  I want you to stay strong and overcome this illness that’s come into your body.  I also want you to know that I care!  I want you to be able to dance again one day soon!

For those of you out there that run or walk, dedicate some miles to this beautiful little girl.  Visit her Facebook page:  Valory Fighting Dancer.  I think you’ll agree, she’s worth our attention!  I look forward to running this Sunday and just know that by having this young lady’s name on my arm I’ll run well!  I continue to run with purpose!  I will also continue to run for others!  My message today is simple…look beyond yourself, think of Valory, think of my friend Ann who continues her journey to become healthy again.  They need us and it’s our duty to help!

So get out there and run for others and I’ll see you on the road!


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