Such a perfect day!

Having to work until the wee hours of the morning can be a challenge when it comes time to roll out of bed for an early morning race.  This morning was one of those days.  I woke after about 4 1/2 hours of sleep to the most beautiful morning!  Cool temperatures, soft breeze, sun climbing up in the sky and a 5 mile race waiting for me in Bowling Green, Ohio!  A quick protein shake and a bit of caffeine!  Off we went!

mike_may 24The Falcon Five Miler was an excellent run!  The course was on the campus of Bowing Green State University and again, the day was picture perfect.  I was hoping to run the 5 miles in around 42 minutes.  My wife Karla and my sister Patti and I all discussed what we were hoping for and how amazing the day was.

The end result was finishing an amazing 39:51 for the 5 miles!  I was blowing through the miles and just felt…well…wonderful!  Karla took first place in her age group and Patti was just behind her to scoop up second place!  I took the 2nd spot for my age group and was just pleased as punch!

We left for home and again were discussing how we enjoyed the race and how perfect the day was!  Came home, enjoyed some outdoor time both sunning and working in the yard.  Days like this, I just never want to be inside the house!  After a nice shower, Karla and I sat on our patio and just enjoyed the day!  I truly believe that everything seems a bit brighter when you’re an athlete.  An athlete of any kind and no matter what the level.  There’s something special about everything you see and do.  Some people would think that getting up on short sleep and running 5 miles is just crazy!  Me, it’s just perfect!

Enjoy this beautiful Ohio Weekend!  Do something fun and/or special!  Go to the park, take a walk around the neighborhood, visit with family or dare I say it…go for a run!!

I’ll see you on the road!


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