Florida…Running with a purpose!

Well…I know I’m a little behind on my blogging, but better late than never!  The Florida trip was absolutely amazing!!  Temperatures were spot on perfect for both running and just enjoying being outside.  The lowest temp was about 45 and the high reached about 76.  Most days hovered around the 70 degree mark and I loved every minute of it!  The time spent with family was priceless and running two races back to back with them…beyond words!

The expo on Friday before race weekend was big fun!  We met a group called LifeCapsule.  They were asking for donations of blood that are then used for research.  How can you say no to making the world a better place and hopefully saving lives?!  They were all great people and we took a picture with the group.  (it’s posted on my Facebook page Run Zombie Run and on LifeCapsule’s Facebook page).  We hovered around and checked out all the newest gear, supplements and just general stuff!  Checked out some of the upcoming races around the country and just enjoyed the running community.  I was very excited about the custom Bib for the A1A Half Marathon.  They allowed enough letters for me to spell out RunZombieRun right on my Bib!!  YaY!!!!  So not only would I be wearing my Runzombierun shirt…but have a matching Bib!  All about that!!  LOL!!  We also stopped by the table to pick up our Bibs and shirts for the Fort Lauderdale 5K that would be held the day before the A1A Half.  Great shirt for that race!  I was just riding a high the entire time!

I came to Florida with another issue.  A good friend had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and was going through the beginning of her journey.  This wasn’t sitting well with me and I hate to see such a good soul struggle and worry.  My first thought…I need to run for her!  I sent her a text and told her that I would place her name on my arm and dedicate my miles for the weekend to her.  You see, running is something that I love but also something that should be shared and celebrated.  It was an honor to run for Ann.  In true Ann fashion, she was more excited for me running the race and couldn’t believe that I would take the time to think about her.  Just amazing…thinking of me when she has this battle going on.  My words to her were “just keep being awesome and fight!”  I’ll carry you this weekend.  So carry her I did!  I posted my fastest times in both races!  Took 3rd place in my age division at the 5K and posted a 1:57:29 at the Half Marathon.  During the half…my foot became a bit sore (still fighting sore tendons) and I got a bit caught up with it.  Right there and then I thought…seriously…you have a sore foot and you’re running for someone who is fighting cancer?!  Move your ass and stop whining!  Part of the whole Run Zombie Run is to run for others.  To run for those who can’t or for those struggling.  I lace up everyday thinking how lucky and very blessed I am to enjoy this sport called running.  I will continue to run with a purpose.  I will continue to inspire and even carry others.  What would I be if I didn’t look beyond myself?

I want to take another moment to thank so many of you for stepping up and donating to Mobile Meals of Toledo!!  When I started this journey…I stressed so much that I would never be able to make a difference.  You’ve all proven that “we” can make a difference!  25 more races to go!  I know that I can do this…injuries be damned!!  I have a purpose and a passion…that makes me one hell of a serious runner! 🙂  Lace up!  Find your purpose!  Start your Journey!  But most of all, remember to think of others.  I’ll see you on the road!


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