Ready, Set….GO!

Just a few days away from heading south!  Davie, Florida is the destination and 2 exciting races along with a wonderful visit with my sister will be in order!  The weather looks to be on the “perfect” side for running.  If things shape up as they show now, we’ll be looking at about 50 degrees at the start of the race.  For the Floridians…that might be freezing!  For a Ohio guy…That is a Rock Solid temperature!  The 5K will start at about 7:30 a.m. on Saturday 2/14/15…Valentine’s Day!!  My honey of a wife has decided to join the group and run this too…yay!!  The Half Marathon starts at about 7 a.m. on Sunday morning 2/15/15.  We’ll be running the famed A1A roadway.  A major roadway through all of south Florida.  The finish is at/on the beach!

The foot seems to be cooperating with me right now which is a total thrill!  I may try to set a new PR for myself at the 5K and then just cruise and enjoy the Half Marathon.  We’ll see after I get there.  I’ll have to go through all of my running gear and pick out my favorite shoes to take along.  Those that are not aware, runners are very funny about everything they wear on race day.  From the shoes all the way through!  I know what is battle tested and will stick with just that!  I have different sets of clothing all based on temperatures, wind, even taking the humidity into consideration.  Yep…weather nerd as well!  I will of course be sporting my Nike Tech shirt with the Run Zombie Run on the front and Mobile Meals of Toledo on the back!  In fact…all of us will be wearing just that shirt!  Pictures to follow!

Looking forward to big fun and lots of laughs.  Love being around family and then you add running to it…shut the front door!!  It’ll be perfect!  Anyone wishing to donate to Mobile Meals of Toledo in honor of these upcoming races…please feel free to visit and drop a few bucks on a great cause!  I’ll be out there running my heart out…I promise you that!  For those that have donated already…again…a Huge Thank you!  You’re making my dream of giving back a reality.  Time to get Mobile for Mobile Meals!  See you on the road!


One thought on “Ready, Set….GO!

  1. Mike, Your blogs are so beautifully written. I am enjoying them . I believe that you have a real talent. Keep up the good work. Someday I may need mobile meals and am happy that you are supporting them, in turn I will donate to your cause. ( when I figure out how it goes). I will commit to a dollar for every run that you make. Where do I send my $30 check? I am proud of you and know that your whole family is as well. With Love Aunt


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