Road to Florida!

Well today was long run (fun run!) Saturday with my sister Patti.  The time of week we both look forward to after a long and generally crap week of work…lol!  A little added drama came with the package today.  I’ve been nursing inflamed tendons in my left foot and was concerned about picking up the mileage.  I’ve taken the past couple of weeks off from any kind of running…other than a quick 4.5 mile run the other day.  So really…the foot was untested.  Sunny skies and nice temperatures boosted our moods for sure!  Light wind coming out of the SSW at about 9 mph were just perfect.  We shuffled along and started talking about our upcoming trip to Florida. Visiting with my sister and hitting 2 fun races!  the Fort Lauderdale 5K is on Valentine’s
Day and the following morning is the 10th Anniversary of the Florida A1A Half Marathon!  So looking forward to warmer temps and being with my wife and sisters!  Good times!

The run went along just fine today.  No major glitches in the foot!  Yay!!!  I was super worried it would really start to hurt and I have 27 more races to go!  Kept the shoe laces loose to give room in case the tendon decided to blow up on me, kept the pace at a very comfortable 9:30 mile and just took it all in.  There’s nothing like an injury to come along and make you realize just how much you crave your runs!  Getting out there again today made me ever so grateful to be able to still do what I’m doing.  Spending quality time with my sister and participating in the sport I love the most.  AWESOME!!

For those that are following the blog and such on a regular basis, there are plans to give my camera a test run next Thursday for a sunrise run at Hollywood Beach, Florida!  I’ll get this loaded up on all of the websites as soon as possible.  I may strap the camera on for one or both of the races over the weekend.  I haven’t decided yet how that’s going to go…stay tuned!

Keep the positive thoughts, text and messages coming!  It helps!  I can always use the extra push to keep these feet moving!  I’ll see you out on the road!


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