Victory is mine!

Woke up today feeling a little blah.  Winter is in full swing and I’m already very tired of it.  As much as I enjoy the evening hours (Zombie) I don’t do well in the winter with all the darkness.  Make sense??  Probably not but I struggle just the same.  I got up with a mission in mind.  I wrote out a list of “things to do” but along with that list I had an appointment with the Stairmaster!!  I decided that I was going to win the battle with that stupid machine once and for all.

I’ve been struggling with a sore foot and trying desperately to keep away from running too much so that I can complete my races coming up in Florida.  My machine of choice instead of the running has been the Stairmaster.  I’ve mentioned this piece-O-crap machine in previous blogs and on my Facebook page.  It’s a love hate relationship!  It gives you the best and most challenging workout but totally drains you.  I hate deadmills and refuse to use them unless absolutely necessary…which is pretty much never!  Blah!!  So I woke up and decided that today was the day!  I was going to win and get the 60 minutes on the stairmaster…no matter what!  Got on my running gear, tech shirt, tech shorts, set up towels for the sweat to drip on ( I know..gross…but it happens) got out an amazing stick of gum and set the machine for 60 minutes at level 7.  I rolled through the first 20 minutes without any issues.  The sweat really started to come down at 35 minutes and I took on a gel/GU pack at 45 minutes.  This is just before the machine sets you up for a sprint to the finish!  I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it was easy and I won’t tell you that I didn’t struggle…but I did it!!  I wanted to jump from the machine in the air and shout yeah!  I beat you!!  I thought better of it as the gym was kind of busy and people would really wonder about my sanity…lol!  Inside…I was bubbling over though!  Now with this new injury to the foot I’ve not felt myself and been a little down.  Completing my task today gave me a boost!  Reminded me that I’m still solid and can still meet my goals…injuries be damned!

This may seem a little silly to some but it’s huge in my mind!  I needed this and I needed this today of all days!  It’s the kind of thing that can help me to stay focused in all other areas of my life.  It reminds me that I’m capable, driven and yes…a little crazy!  No matter what plays out today, I’m good!  I’ll carry this little victory with me and a smile…knowing that today…I won!


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