Digging deep

I think with every race you do, you learn something about yourself.  Today was one of the most challenging races to date for me.  It was the Dave’s 10 Miler in Delta, Ohio.  I knew late January in NW Ohio would be interesting but was just blown away by what was waiting to greet me at the starting line.  24 degrees with a feel like of about 14.  Steady winds out of the NE at 22 mph and gusting close to if not over 30 mph.  To top things off, the streets were covered but not enough to strap on my Yaktrax.  This left me wearing just regular running shoes and crossing fingers for no disaster.

My gear was absolutely flawless!  Wind blocking underwear (Thanks Wife!), wind blocking running pants, double compression shirts and my trusty weather reflecting hoodie!  Run Junkee hat and mittens of course!  There were 4 overpass crossings during the run and they brought you right out into the freezing cold wind!  The snow was coming in that wind at such a clip, you could hardly see anything in front of you.  So no great scenery during this race…lol!  I have no idea where I ran or what I passed!  HA!  There were wonderful volunteers in several spots on the course and regular “sag wagons” on the look out for a runner going down or giving up.  There was a stretch that went straight into the bitter wind that I really thought was going to break me.  I couldn’t believe that I was even entertaining such a thought, but I was about to break!  I told myself to remember everyone that you’re running for!  The reason you signed up in the first place!  DIG DEEP!  Those were the words that rang through my head for miles after that.  I can’t give up…there’s too much riding on these races and I can’t stop!

I took on both GU and water during the run, was visited by Cold Miser and zapped with ice crystals growing from my beard!  lol!!  It was just the craziest race ever!  When I reached mile 9, it was yet another head wind.  I was tired but knew that I could crush a mile no matter what!  I pushed through and gave it everything all the way to the clock!  1 hour 34 minutes and change!  That’s about a 9:26 mile and I’ll take it!  Can I run faster…sure…but not in these conditions!  The race was everything that was promised.  Tough course, tough weather and a bunch of tough runners!  Props to all those that came out and ran the 5K or the 10 miles!  I was so amazed to see so many runners show up on such a crappy day all in the name of running.  Rock on Runners…Rock on!

So if you’re faced with a difficult task…dig deep!  Find that spot inside you that says “I’ll Never Quit!”  It’s there…I found it today!

Happy running!


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