Working on my goals

With 2015 I set several goals that I wanted to reach.  The main and most purposeful one was to run 30 races to celebrate 30 years of running.  The reason this is my main goal and purpose…I’m working on raising funds for Mobile Meals of Toledo in the process!  A Facebook page, my blog and a website have all come about to help others and make things better for people right her in Toledo.  I’m completely focused on getting this job done and in grand fashion!  It’s important to me.

There are several fitness goals I’d like to reach as well.  Being able to do 60 minutes on the damn Stairmaster!  I’ve made it to 50 now and it just about dropped me!  That last 10 minutes will be mine before this year is up!  For those curious, I set the machine at level 7 on Fat Burning mode and my weight of 215lbs.  Yeah…I’m no little guy!  That machine and I have a serious love/hate relationship and I’ll find a way to kick its ass!

I’d like to run (12) 1/2 marathons as part of my 30 races for this year.  I also have the silly idea of doing back to back 1/2 marathons over a weekend!  This actually might happen in the state of Michigan during the month of October.  Frankenmuth has one on a Saturday and then there’s the Sleeping Bear half on Sunday a bit further to the North.  I like the idea and I love both areas in Michigan.  Stay tuned for more on that as the year moves on.

The winter months are going well with the training and being able to find races.  I’m crossing my fingers for the Dave’s 10 Miler next Sunday.  Hoping that the roads are clear so that I don’t have footing issues.  Never been scared of the cold, but slippery roads are a nightmare!  They either need to be clear or completely snow-covered.  If snow-covered, I can throw on my Yaktrax and boogy right on through.  Excited and nervous about that one.

3 Weeks away from the Florida A1A 1/2 marathon and the Ft. Lauderdale 5K the day before.  My sister lives in south Florida so I thought it would be cool to head down there and have her run with me!  Running during vacations is kind of a regular thing for me.  I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t get some miles in somehow…lol!

I’ve also set a goal to clean up my eating a bit and be more regular at the gym.  This may sound strange but I love running so much that I find it hard to “make myself” go to the gym most days.  When the weather’s nice it becomes even tougher.  I keep telling myself that I’ll become a better runner if I spend the time doing my workouts with the weights.  I got this!

I hope everyone is finding time to get some kind of workouts done.  It’s so important to set time aside for your health!  There’s only one you and we only get one shot at this game.  Take care and be safe all!  See  you on the roads!


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