Running for Meg

On Saturday 1/17/15 I went out for my weekly long run with my sister Patti.  This day was a little different and very special.  We ran our miles for Meg Menzies.  Meg was an avid runner that went out one morning on her training run and was run down by a drunk driver.  Not only do I have serious issues with those that choose to get behind the wheel after drinking, but I also take issue to those that pay no attention to those of us that use the roads.  This woman was training for the Boston marathon and had her whole life in front of her.  Calling it senseless is just scratching the surface for me.  My sister and I ran the miles and shared stories and reflected on our lives, families and dreams.  Never let a moment pass you by without notice…we never know when it will end.

If you are a walker, biker or runner, you probably already know all the dangers that lurk every time you walk out the door.  As a roadrunner, I must  have my head on a swivel at all times!  I find people are usually distracted by talking, eating, using their phones, texting or just not awake!  I also wear just about everything glowing known to man when I leave…especially in these darker months.  I have lights, reflectors and of course, my RoadID!  My wife calls it my “flat Stanley.”  A RoadID is a must if you’re out there on the road.  This band has my name, address (if you choose), contacts person and phone numbers all listed.  This is a great item should something happen (God willing it never will) and the emergency persons will know who you are and who to contact.  I highly recommend purchasing one of these items.

Now the worst persons we runners deal with out there are the ones who find sport in swerving at runners while passing!  Yes…this does go on out there!  There are some that throw things, cat call, spit or just flip you off because you’re on “their” road!  Living in an area that doesn’t offer a lot of sidewalk space…the road is where I have to be.  Even if we did have sidewalks, good luck getting through them in the winter months!  Now back to the idiots…  If you know of someone who thinks it’s cute to do any of the above mentioned acts towards runners, do me a favor and smack their heads!  It’s not a game out there and we have enough to worry about without adding silliness to the mix.  Think of the young mother (Meg) who lost her life and for the many who have been killed or injured due to similar situations.  We as runners do our part to stay out-of-the-way of traffic and wear the proper gear to be seen.  Do your part and give a little room and help keep us alive!

Thanks for the listen and be safe out there!


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