Not young anymore…

Started my leg workout yesterday and on the second set of squats…the back decided to go through one of it’s many issues and knot up!  This has been a regular issue with my back due to numerous car accidents through the years.  (No…not my fault)  So, I decided that squats would have to wait until another day…along with deadlifts.  I went on and finished my legs on machines that would give my back enough support to keep from feeling worse.  Lots of stretching in between sets helped to keep it from getting too crazy!  I also plugged away and did my 45 minutes on the Stairmaster.  God that thing is such a torture device!  3.5 miles, 550 calories and 170 floors climbed.  As usual, I was soaked pretty much head to toe afterwards.

When returning home, I took the motrin and did more stretching to keep the back from freezing up and really hurting.  After a nice shower, an ice pack was in order.  On a positive note, I kept moving and stretching enough that it didn’t tie up further.  I slept good and can still move about today.  So yay!!

I share all of this because I want people to know that you can work through injuries, soreness and aging.  I have 3 pins in my right hip from playing football and being injured at a young age, I also have a lower back and right hip full of arthritis from the above injury and as I stated before, numerous car accidents.  I was told that running would be a bad idea many years ago by my bone doctor.  Well, here I am 30 years later and still running.  I’ve actually found that by staying moving and regular weight training, I’ve kept pain at bay.  The running actually makes my back stay loose and feel better.  My family doctor always says that he’s amazed I don’t hurt more due to the amount of arthritis.  His words “What ever you’re doing…keep doing it because it’s working!”  So there you go…Keep doing it!

Running has not only been my relief from life stress, it’s been my saving grace with injuries and slowing of the aging process.  I feel better every single time I hit the road and run!  Lessons learned…”A body in motion stays in motion!”  We weren’t meant to lay around and do nothing.  Everything about the human body says MOVE!!  So while I’m not the young kid anymore, I’ll continue to fight aging, keep the joints in motion, stretch, lift and enjoy my life in the best way possible.  Keep Moving Everyone!


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