Onward through the cold

So, here we are in the beginning of a true NW Ohio winter.  Sub zero temps, flurries and bitter cold winds!  The training must continue and I have to keep moving forward.  The next event will be the Dave’s 10 Miler.  This one will be on January 25th and who the heck knows what mother nature will have in store for that one…lol!  I have excellent winter gear and will run through just about anything.  The only thing that will keep me from going out and hitting the road would be an ice storm.  Always worry about breaking something when it comes to the ice.  I’ll keep gearing up and muddle through!

February will bring a welcome change to the race schedule.  Races in South Florida!  I signed up for the 10th anniversary of the A1A Half Marathon.  Even if it’s cold to Floridians…it’ll be a welcome change for someone like myself!  They’re having a 5K the day before in Ft Lauderdale as well…so I thought, what the hell…signed up for that one too!  Look out Florida…Zombie RunVolution is coming your way!

I’ve been staying with the gym on a more regular basis.  Need to keep some kind of muscle going during all this running abuse.  I’ve been lucky enough to still get a long run in once a week with my sister thus far!  Crossing fingers that we can maintain that streak.  My cross training cardio machine of choice has been the Stairmaster.  If you’ve never jumped on this machine…holy hell!!  I’ve gone as long as 45 minutes at level 8 and thought I was going to drown in sweat!  The short-term goal is to maintain the stairs for 60 minutes.  Long term goal will be to do 6.2 miles (10K) on it!  Before Summer hits…I’ll get it!

The new Run Zombie Run shirts were finished today!  I’ll be scooping them up tomorrow and I’m really stoked about them!  Pictures to follow of course.  I’ve been messing with the GoPro look a like camera and watching youtube videos so that I have an idea on how to use it properly.  It’s a very cool little device!  Thanks Wife-O-Mine!

Hang in there all!  Winter won’t last forever and the next thing you know we’ll be complaining about running the air conditioning and sweating through our clothes…lol!  Don’t be scared of the winter months!  It’s still fun to go out and hit the trails.  Yaktrax are available just about anywhere…even Menards!  Put a set of those on your favorite running/walking shoes and hit the trails!  Make the best of the dark and cold months…don’t just hide!

I’ll see you all out there!  Stay tuned for the next adventure!!


Remember my webpage runzombierun.net  My race calendar and other links are all there!

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