Why Zombie–The story behind the name

Some of you may be wondering “why the name Zombie?”  No, it’s not because I’m part of the Walking Dead nor have I been bitten by any such creature…lol!  I’ve worked a great many strange shifts during my time on this earth.  Most of them have been during the dark hours.  I’ve also worked and still work swing shifts!  This can make one become a little on the sleep deprived side, cause dark rings under the eyes and maybe a bit cranky.  Years back after working a long stretch of late night shifts, I went to a get together with friends.  I could not recall the day of the week and obviously looked a bit rough.  I was given the name “Zombie” that day and it’s stuck all these years later!  I’ve embraced the name and actually become very proud of it!  You’ll find it on my license plate (for both cars), on numerous shirts that I own and I still answer to it at work or at home.

I know it’s probably not the exciting story you all were looking for.  I felt that I should at least explain the origin though.  I wear it like a badge of honor now!

RunZombieRun is the perfect depiction of who I am and what I love to do.  I have plans to run until I can do it no longer, to try to bring awareness to good causes and hopefully to inspire some people along the way.  “Inspire before you Expire!”  I’m not sure what the life expectancy is for a Zombie but I’m not taking any chances!  I want to live with no regrets and enjoy every mile!  Running is truly a blessing and being able to share it with others…priceless!

Feel free to join the Zombie Revolution!  Get out the shoes!  Walk, Bike, Run, Donate, make a difference!  Be proud of your inner Zombie…you know you have one too!


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