Running The End Of The Road

Being that I might be a bit of a Nerd, I was thrilled that a local running shop (Second Sole) and (Toledo Roadrunners) decided to team up and hold the End of the Road run!  It was a 9K that started at 10:11 p.m. on the date 12/13/14.  So you get…9,10,11,12,13 & 14!  It’ll be a while before we have dates that line up in such a fun order and some have felt that dates like these only lead to Armageddon!  Well, it’s now 12/14/14 and I’m still here working on my blog…lol!

The night in the Toledo, Ohio area was actually quite pleasant.  Temps in the mid 40’s with about a 9 mph wind.  No rain or snow!  Headed out to the run and found a really nice sized group of runners had shown up.  This is awesome being that on top of it, it was a Saturday night!  Normally date night or Christmas shopping night for many.  My sis and I checked out all the new and exciting running gear, enjoyed a few fun dogs that were brought out for the run and just kind of enjoyed the show!  People dressed up, lots of fun lights on, strange costumes and I may have witnessed a group of ladies in blinking tutus!  LMAO!  They were so fun!  I loved the atmosphere and the shopping plaza that the run is held at was loaded with Christmas lights.  Awesome!

If you’ve never run late at night, it throws the body way out of whack!  Everything about it just feels strange.  To me, it’s just another challenge that I love to place upon myself and I really wanted my sister to experience the whole thing.  Not to mention, it could be the end of the World!  Everything went off without a hitch and it was just plain fun!  Finished our 9K in 51 minutes and some change.  Not that it really mattered.  We smiled and chuckled on the drive home, talked about the fun animals, the strange outfits and some of the cool lights we checked out on fellow runners.  Good Times!

I hope everyone found a fun way to celebrate the 12/13/14 date!  I know we did!  Here’s to many more!


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