Running to burn off the crazy

Hit the road with my sister this evening for a nice 7+ mile hop.  When she arrived at my home, I was bumbling about and cursing.  My after work mood was not the best and I don’t think my sister had any idea the amount of craziness that had built up inside of me.  I finally got my gear situated, or so I thought and we headed out the door.  After walking down my street that leads out of the sub-division, I realized that I’d left my road ID, my Garmin and my shin compression wrap all at home…sigh.  Some days or nights, just seem to go this way.

We reached the main street and proceeded to get the run started.  Cars were riding very close to the edge of the road, a few even seemed to be aiming for us more than trying to give clearance.  The whole time I’m thinking to myself “just get into the run and burn off the crazy!”  After the first mile or so of the “grumbles” I started to come around.  It’s almost like you can feel the ugliness slowly burning off.  Bleeding out of your sweat!

By mile 3 I was feeling much better and apologized to my sister for being such a turd at the start of the run.  She understood and kind of chuckled.  She said “how many times have you listened to me when we get out here going all nuts?!”  Running is a special bond and has a certain kind of magic to it.  I love being able to share it with numerous members of my family and friends.  When you speak with other runners or tell them stories like this, they just get it.  I often wonder where I would be or how I would be able to rid myself of the awful feelings we humans get some days if I didn’t run.  Whoa…let’s not think about that! lol!

The run was wonderful, I got over my crankiness, I’ll sleep better knowing that I drained the body and mind of all the impurities.  Thanks to my sis for putting up with me for the first part of the run tonight!  Thanks to all of you for taking an interest in a crazy runner like me!  Off to rest and wake at zero dark thirty once again.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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