Zombies Unite!

We’re just weeks away from the crazy start of it all!  30 races will be run to celebrate 30 years of running and to boost donations to Mobile Meals of Toledo!  The first T-shirt campaign was kind of fun and I’m looking forward to getting tech shirts going here locally.  All runners love tech shirts!  I’ll keep going on the blog, reaching out to companies and hoping they’ll jump on board and give some kind of help.

I’ve also been looking over races and started signing up for some during the first couple months of the year.  The calendar listed on runzombierun.net will have all races listed and as I add them, my friend Mike Toth will update the calendar!!  I’m hoping to see some of you at these races and hopefully you’ll have some kind of runzombierun gear on!  The more talk there is and the more people who gain interest, the better this whole campaign will go.  I’m so thrilled to be doing this and really want to make a difference in my community.

I’ll be working on catch phrases and such to add to shirts or decals.  I really like the Zombies Unite!  We’re all Zombies at one time or another.  Whether its lack of sleep, board at the work place, whatever the moment…we’re all Zombies.  It’s time to rally the troops and have all Zombies Unite!  A Zombie Revolution…if you will!!

I knocked out my 7.5 mile run this evening and have a very early morning gym day tomorrow.  Legs are still tired from my leg workout at the gym yesterday, so sitting at work tomorrow should be a blast!  Zero dark thirty is my get out of bed time so I’ll go ahead and push on to bed.  Let’s get this done Zombies!


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