Gym day and sponsors

Today was a gym/strength day!  In order to keep myself going through the challenge, I have to maintain a solid structure.  That means getting to the gym on a regular basis to help prevent the onset of any injuries.  This along with my massage therapist, I think I can get this done!

I trained legs, a little bit of chest and then did 30 minutes on the Stairmaster.  If you’ve never experienced the Stairmaster, It was developed by someone who is truly into serious torture of the body!  As always, you don’t want to be anywhere close to me when I’m on this thing!  Remember…I sweat…a lot!  Anyway, I got everything done and did some stretching, feel pretty good at the moment and looking forward to running tomorrow!

I sat down last night and started contacting larger corporations for sponsorship.  I’m hopeful that I can get at least 1 big one to get on board and help me with the venture.  I have plans to talk with a couple local businesses about sponsorship and will explain how they can be added to the website  A special sponsor’s page can be added where everyone can see who’s stepped up to help this cause.  I’ll also add their logo to my race shirts that I wear at each and every running event!  Cross your fingers that we can land at least a couple.

I’ve said this before, the running to me is the easy part.  Keeping everyone’s attention and keeping my charity on everyone’s mind is the work part.  People move so quick in today’s society and anything can be lost in an instant.  I plan on staying on this all the way through!  I’ll talk about all of it any chance I get because it’s important to think of others and the struggles they go through.

Stay tuned!  If I’m able to land a sponsor soon, I’ll share the information!  I want to make this a very successful campaign and help Mobile Meals of Toledo get the boost they deserve!  Great people doing great things!

Happy Sunday and Happy Running!


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