Keeping the body going and

After waking up with a few extra aches and pains the past few mornings, I realized that I was overdue for a massage!  If you’re not a fan or have never had one, I highly recommend that you get one on a regular basis.  It’ll cut down on sore and tired parts and in my opinion, trips to the doctor’s office.

Calves and feet have been the biggest problems of late and my friend Becky Koskinen (owner of Massage Works) has done wonders over the years keeping me on the road.  I’ve had lower back issues, hip, shoulder…hell, just about everywhere!  From working out, running or just injuries from car accidents in my past, she keeps me up and moving.

Today after leaving her place, my feet felt so much better!  I have a long run scheduled for tomorrow a.m. and was really worried it was going to be a painful one.  I think I’m good to go!  I made Becky promise me today…that she’d keep me in one piece and mobile over the next year so that I can complete this challenge I’ve set for myself.  She agreed and I’m holding her to it.  Thanks Becky!!

The race calendar is up and I’m starting to fill dates.  Just go to and you can follow all my races throughout the year from the calendar.  Remember that if you want to sponsor me per race or just a one time donation, you can do it through the website as well.  As always…all the monies donated on there go directly to Mobile Meals of Toledo!  I receive nothing but the satisfaction of knowing that people care and want to help me make a difference.  If there are any corporate or small businesses that want to sponsor on a larger scale, feel free to contact me.  We can set your company logo up on the website.  A sponsor page can be added and I would also be happy to add your logo to my running shirt that I’ll be wearing during the races.

All donations are tax-deductible of course as Mobile Meals of Toledo is a non-profit organization.  I’ll keep everyone in the know as time keeps going and look for more things to come on the website!  Video will be added as we get to the races at the beginning of the year.  Everything from quick chats about why I run so much, to why I chose Mobile Meals of Toledo.  There will be video of me running in the races at start, during and/or finish lines.  Of course there may be some kind of silly bloopers as well!  Nothing ever goes smooth in my shoes…lol!

Continue to follow the journey!  It’s only going to get better!


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