Leaving it all behind

Today I woke up very tired.  Feet are sore and I’m mentally drained from work.  I did my usual get up, let my dog out and get him fed, then spent a little time under my Packers blanket in the recliner.  Some days you just feel like a war-torn soldier.

I decided it was time, time to get up out of the chair and get my therapy!  I checked the weather…cold, very windy (18 mph with gust over 18 mph).  Dressed in the appropriate gear to handle such weather and off I went!  It was wonderful!  There’s nothing like lacing up and leaving it all behind you!

I have no great words of wisdom today.  I can only tell you that I’m much like many of you.  I struggle…with many things.  I can tell you that if only for a little while there is an escape.  It’s safe and wonderful…the road is home!

Enjoy your day!


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