Sometimes life gets in the way

While I do enjoy my running and would love nothing more than to be on the road everyday, sometimes life gets in the way!  Demands pull at you from all directions and even though you’d like to ignore many, you can’t.  I try to look at moments like these as small tests or extra rest time.  No…they’re not always restful situations…lol!

Running will always be there and it waits…patiently.  The road knows all of the journeys that I’ve traveled and keeps my secrets.  It will wait once more for my return while I take care of life events.

Don’t beat yourselves up on days like this.  Just smile even more when you return to your running!  I may be busy today but I know that tomorrow…I’ll be back out there!  The message today is simple, be kind to yourself, allow yourself to do other things that are important as well.  Remember what I said…Running will wait and the road will always be there to share your secrets.

Happy Tuesday Everyone and Happy Running!


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