Driven with a purpose

What is it that makes one get up in the early a.m. hours, prior to any sign of sunshine?  Why would you get out of a nice warm bed on a cold winter’s morning and purposely walk out into the cold morning air? These questions and many others can be answered with a single word…Driven!

When I hit the road or trail to get my run going, this word rattles through my head on a regular basis.  It started at a young age but was mislead.  I became driven for success but thought it would come through things, possessions if you will.  I felt empty when I obtained possessions yet couldn’t understand why.  To share each and every step of my young life would take more than just a blog…lol!  A book perhaps, but I’m betting there’s not a huge market for the life and times of a poor Eastside kid from Toledo.  That being said, once I discovered running…things began to clear up!  You could say that I “Get it” now!

I’m now Driven with a purpose!  My love for running has brought me to wanting to share my experiences.  To help, to make a difference and hopefully change someone’s life for the better.  Whenever I sit down to type…I hope that at least one person is touched or moved.  If it makes them smile, or put on running shoes for the first time, I’m making a difference.  My purpose is to share what I’ve learned, to guide when someone needs it and to be a good person.

Driven With A Purpose…let’s use that slogan today!  Think about your life and what you do.  How you can make a change for the better.  Take care of yourself and your health for there are those that rely on you and love you!  Remember that you matter!  Find the fire that’s inside and go with it!  Hit the gym, take a walk, go for a run!  This will only turn into better things…I promise you!  You’ll discover something about yourself while moving and you’ll have time alone in your head to think about a great many things.  (I know I have!)  From there, you’ll find your purpose.  It’s my belief that all of us has a common purpose…to help others!

Enjoy your day and keep checking in on me!  There’s more to come!

Stay Driven!


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