Excitement is building!

Well, I’ve gone and booked flights and signed my sister and myself up to run the A1A Half Marathon in sunny Florida on February 15, 2015!  My older sister lives in the area so it will be a family event…yay!!  My wife is going but is still suffering from a long-standing injury to her shin.  There’s no way I’d ever want to travel without her!  Broken or not…she’s my world!

I’ve been on my computer this morning getting some of the races I’d like to do set up and I’m just full of excitement for this to get underway!  I’ll be meeting later this week with Mobile Meals to finalize a few things and get ready to launch the Run Zombie Run website.  So AWESOME!!

I will share every step of this next year with all of you.  There will be pictures and stories until the cows come home!  Hmmm..when are cows suppose to be home anyway??  There will be some new tech shirts being worked on and hopefully I’ll have extras to get out for sale.  We still have the campaign at https://www.booster.com/mobilemealsoftoledo.  So please stop by there and buy some t-shirts to show support for Mobile Meals!  I need a good fan club as well!!

So much to do and so little time.  Well, I’m off again…I’ll check back later and fill you all in with more information on the races coming in the very near future and how you can find or support me on the journey!


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