With Every Challenge, There Must Be Rules

I’ve set out to do 30 races for 30 years of running.  A big challenge…Yes!  But doable!  So that everyone knows what to expect and I am held accountable for this.  I’ve set some rules in place.

1.  All Races are to be completed between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015

2.  All Races must be no shorter distance than a 5K (3.1 miles)

3.  If I obtain any sponsors during the year, I will honor them by wearing their logo and giving them shout outs via Facebook, 30races.com and to anyone that might speak with me before, during or after a race.

4.  I’ll do my best to run most of the races locally.  (But I do enjoy travel and can’t help but run!)

5.  I shall seek out races that honor another charity!  Paying my race fees to another charity…double bonus!

6  Some races can and may be done as virtual.  If you’re not familiar…you can sign up for a race and yes, most are for charities.  You have a set time in which to complete the distance required.  Your time is to be turned into the administrators via picture upload usually of my Garmin.  Medal is then sent through the mail to your home and/or a t-shirt of the event.  I may have to do some of these due to my work schedule.

7.  There is no set amount of races to be done in a month’s time.  I have to do 30 races…might be in all 12 months, might be in 6!  Yikes!!  I hope not!

8.  I will always speak about my charities and ask that others help them if they can.  There are people out there that need our help.

I think that covers most of it.  I look forward to posting pictures of these events!  I look forward to boosting funds for my charities!  Let’s get this rolling and have great success!


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