Treadmills OR Dreadmills?!

When the weather gets to the point of ridiculous, like today.  One needs to seek other forms of cardio, of the indoor version.  Now most runners can step right up to a treadmill and go without any issues.  Me, it’s a whole different adventure!  I hate to even look at the damn things!  I don’t trust them, I don’t like the way they sound and I really hate looking at myself running in a mirror!!  (Thanks Snap Fitness for that!)  Did I mention the close proximity of other people while you’re trying to run on this torture device??!!  I just may be one of the sweatiest persons on the planet when it comes to running.  If you’re parked on a treadmill next to me, yeah, you may get overspray on your machine…sorry. 😦

These machines are discussed by runners all the time.  The best brand, how far can you run on them, do you go to a gym to use or is it at home?  That kind of stuff.  My take has always been, I will run outdoors every single change I get!  It has to be God awful outside for me to get on the Dreadmill!

The other issue I have, I can’t do long distance on one.  Mental block of some kind, but I just can’t do it.  Today after doing my weights, I walked over to the “yuck machine.”  Maybe muttered under my breath for a moment or two and then climbed aboard.  I was able to get 2 miles worth of sprints done and a very mild “runner’s high!”  I did get it done though and I’m happy for that!

So I’m curious, your take on these machines.  Do you love them?  Do you hate them?  Love to hear stories!  Maybe I’ll share some of my adventures another day of the many mishaps I’ve had on the Deadmill!  My reasons for such distrust…lol!  I can laugh now…but it wasn’t so funny at the time!

Happy Tuesday all!  Get up and get moving!


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