Running alone or with others…it’s all good!

I went out this evening and ran my weekly long run with my sister Patti.  9.5 miles in the cold and yes…SNOW!  While the conditions were less than favorable, the scenery and company were spectacular!  Running with my younger sister has given us a special bond.  While we are siblings, we are runners and that, in it’s self is a special bond.

Running together gives us time to discuss our wonderful jobs. (slight bit of sarcasm there!)  Time to discuss family, friends, upcoming runs, holidays…just about everything.  As the miles pass by, you kind of get in a zone.  You might continue to talk or sometimes just have moments where you’re just taking it all in.  Chatting or in silence, it’s truly special time together.

Several years back I had the opportunity to train with my older sister Gini as well.  This was a unique challenge.  She wanted to do a full marathon!  The catch…we were going to walk instead of run.  Due to physical issues, my sister is unable to run but has the iron will and drive that I felt could carry her through the training and eventually over the finish line.  We trained for an entire summer together and wow…what fun we had!  When the day came for the marathon (The Dayton Air Force Marathon) I told her to treat the day like any other training walk.  I gave her heads up on all the strange and exciting things that she would experience during the miles ahead…including the dreaded “WALL” at 20 miles!  Oh buddy did she hit that…lol!  To this day we still talk about that walk and I still beam with pride whenever she tells stories about our summer of training.

I’ve spent many miles out on the road alone.  I find the peace and quiet to be special, but special in a different way then when I’m with my family or friends.  The time doesn’t always pass as quickly as it would with a partner, but I can just focus on my training, my problems, my victories…just focus on me.  I can plan out my day, think about upcoming races, even day dream about Corvettes…lmao!

There is no right or wrong here.  There are many wonders to discover…both alone or with friends.  I’m a big believer in when someone ask me to run with them, I run their pace.  I refuse to leave my partner behind…ever!  If I’m special enough to be invited into someone’s world, I want to leave them with good memories and happy thoughts!

So get out there!  Walk, Run, Bike!  Go on your own if no one else will go!  If someone invites you, take them up on it and be the best running/walking/biking partner ever!  If you find yourself in need of a run, call me up, I’ll be more than happy to meet up with you and I’ll never leave your side…I promise! 🙂


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