The Blessing That Is Running…

I’ve had discussions with numerous people asking the question “Why do you run?”  Fair enough question and my response can vary but always comes back to a core message.  I don’t have to run…I get to run!  I’ve been blessed to be able to lace up my shoes and just go for many years.  I’ve been lucky enough to steer clear of the injury bug for the better part of these soon to be 30 years.

Running does amazing things for me.  I like to refer to it as my “Zen.”  It helps me to maintain my weight, makes my body feel alive, clears bad feelings from my head, helps me to see clearly, the day ahead.  I could really just ramble on forever about the benefits of running.

To hear a person say “I have to go do my run” makes me kind of sad.  It should never be a chore.  Each run is a celebration of your life!  When I’m on the road I see amazing things, I hear new and often times exciting sounds, I feel the air…both warm summer breezes and cold arctic chills…I’m Alive!

Please stick with me on this upcoming adventure in 2015.  I promise to share every moment of every run!  I’ll add pictures so that you can enjoy some of the silliness that is me!  I want you all at the end of this to say…damn…I want to run!  The idea that I could touch someone’s life, maybe make a difference while achieving a goal that I’ve set for myself just blows my mind!

Remember…We don’t have to run.  We get to run!


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