Rest is part of it…

Today is a rest day!  For most people, this would sound kind of fantastic.  To a runner…not so much!  I get edged out, anxious, tired and just a bit crazy.  I know it’s all part of the plan and rest is just as important as the actual running.

I’m working on cutting down my sugar intake a bit.  Self proclaimed sugar junky!  I may have issues with jelly beans!  Nerds jelly beans with bumps are by far the best!  Anyway, I’m trying to clean things up and get leaned out a bit before springtime.  I keep telling myself that leaner will mean faster!  Not that it matters that much but I do enjoy improvement.

I’ve returned to the gym as well.  In order to keep this train a rolling throughout the next year, I have to stay away from injury.  The best way to stay away from injury, maintain muscle mass!  Especially on an “older” frame…lol!  It felt good going back to my gym.  I needed the break to just enjoy the great weather we had this whole summer and fall.  Sometimes the break can do wonderful things!

Today was a full 10 hour workday and it’s time to put some protein into the body!  “Feed the Machine” is what I tell people all the time.  Enjoy your evening peeps!  I’ll do my best to actually rest. 🙂


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