How this all started…

In the summer of 1985, I found myself lost.  No not on a side street or busy highway, lost in my life and wondering what my purpose was on this earth.  I decided to take a walk at our local park and think things through.  I parked my car, tied up my shoes and headed out on the trail.  It felt amazing!  I thought to myself, if this feels good, how awesome would it feel to run!  Well, I won’t lie, the first steps were not pretty!  The idea that I could ever muster the energy or master the breathing brought me a quick slow down in my pace…right back to walking.  Discouraged and tired, I finished my walk and headed back home.

That evening I couldn’t help but think of what it would be like to run the park…I mean the entire park!  I decided that the next day, I would try it again, but this time, go a bit further.  Well, by the end of that summer, not only was I running the entire park (2.9 miles) but I had moved all the way to running it twice!  I lost weight, felt amazing, was full of confidence and felt like I’d discovered the fountain of youth!

Running has brought peace and serenity to a life full of issues.  The saying “With Running…All Things Are Possible” are the very words I live by to this day.  I truly believe that running has not only changed my life but saved it.  I continue to “plant the seed” whenever I find someone who feels the way I did in 1985…lost, without purpose.  My purpose is to share the amazing feelings that come with each and every run.  With every step I take on the road or trail.  To share the blessing of running!

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