I have to be honest.  I’m inspired by a woman who has done much more than I could ever hope to.  She helps quietly and without fanfare.  She’ll spend time driving meals on her lunch time, help children with their reading during after school hours and volunteer for just about any cause that’s in need.  During the water crisis in our area, she was called upon to deliver water to those that had no way of getting any.  She dropped what she was doing and immediately went and filled her car with water, spent the day delivering to the masses.

I suppose this is my way of saying thank you to her.  This is my way of letting her know that I’ve become a better person from watching her actions.  I’m letting her know that what she does daily is something special…that she is special!

When I run these 30 races in 2015, there will be someone with me at all times.  Whether she’s able to make it to the race or not.  I’ll carry her in my heart during every step.  I want her to know that she’s changed me…for the better!  I want to thank her for being an inspiration to so many!  My wife (Karla Neeley) is my hero.

I know that when she reads this she’ll say something like “that’s not necessary” or “you’re a silly boy”.  I think it’s necessary!  I have hope in my heart now and it’s because of her.  I look forward to the challenge ahead and WILL make a difference!  Because I still believe in heroes…


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